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October 2021

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Exit Plan Games

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'Bang-On Balls: Chronicles' Early Access Update Adds New Arcade Challenges

by Rainier on June 30, 2021 @ 8:00 a.m. PDT

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is an action-packed, ball-banging, level-wrecking, history-bending 3D platformer.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles rolls onto the stage! A 3D platformer inspired by some of the best games of the genre including some Italian plumbers, a blue hedgehog, or a bear with a bird on his backpack! It’s a game where you become a reckless hero, customize your ballsy character, and play by yourself or in 4 players co-op with friends through various (slightly inaccurate) historically themed levels. Are we gonna start with the Viking era? Sure, let's loot some treasure!

But the ball doesn’t stop rolling here! Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is gonna be updated on a regular basis, adding a new value to the game with new features, skins, maps, and many more! Where do we go next? Feudal Japan? はい、もちろん。Race to Space? Поехали! Fire up the rocket boosters! Wild West cowballs? Buckle up, partner!

Some of the ball-banging features include vast open levels full of challenges to complete, treasures to unlock, epic destruction, and plenty of weapons, shields, and other fun items that not only let you customize your character but also gives you an edge both in combat and exploration! Extremely fun and intuitive ball-dashing and ball-smashing gameplay mechanics, and a very silly sense of humour round-up for an all-around entertainment for you and your friends!

The new update will challenge players with two new arcade adventures. Super Car Banger Turbo and Ultimate Bang-On Mega Bricks, which are the first in a series of new mini-challenges that will release on Steam during Early Access.

For gamers already playing Bang-On Balls: Chronicles who want to check out the new Arcade Challenges, they are waiting for you!

Just head over to the arcade machines in the game’s film set (before you enter a map). The arcade machines are located at the back of the set next to your boss, bypass him, select a machine and jump straight into the Arcade Challenges!

  • Super Car Banger Turbo: A banging tribute to one of the most famous bonus stages in videogame history, mixed with our own flavor of ball-banging mayhem! How fast can you smash it? Turn your ball into a Ball Fighter for an epic car demolition contest!   
  • Ultimate Bang-On Mega Bricks: Stuck inside a tetroid brick world, you must survive the 99 challenges in order to receive the ultimate reward. Bricks disappear from under you, and are thrown at you, bombs will try to push you off the arena. Do you have what it takes to survive each threat? 

There's lots more Bang-On Balls: Chronicles still to come! Exit Plan Games has confirmed they are hard at work on the new Space Race Quest; an enormous brand new chronicle featuring the 1960’s space race between the USA and the Soviet Union that is set to release in October this year.

Key Features:

  • Glorious 3D Ball-Banging platforming action as you become a reckless hero in a series of (slightly inaccurate) historical-based events!
  • Vast open stages to explore, each set in a different time period, with fun items and weapons to collect to give you an edge during combat...or just to destroy your environment!
  • Pick your own country, customize your character, and play with incredible next-gen, state-of-the-art, highly advanced… uhhmm… balls.
  • Grow, shrink, smash, bash down the environment, the world is your destructible playground!
  • Beautifully stylized graphics. Balls were never so shiny before!
  • Stand out with your look in up to 4 ball-friends multiplayer, while helping out each other complete unique challenges.
  • Loosely inspired by a worldwide phenomenon called memes. Are you familiar with the concept? We love it.
  • It teaches history. Well, kinda… Not really… But it has historical levels!

Currently available on Steam Early Access, Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles will be coming to Xbox One and Series X|S later this year.

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