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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Nudge Nudge Games
Developer: Nudge Nudge Games
Release Date: 2022

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'Nimoyd' Rolls Out Playable PC Demo Ahead Of Steam Next Fest - Trailer

by Rainier on June 9, 2021 @ 7:53 a.m. PDT

Nimoyd is a science-fiction and fantasy survival sandbox adventure set on Earth, in the year 2702, or any randomly generated planet you like.

You've crash-landed on Earth in 2702. Craft, dig, fight through a vast open-world full of wonder, generated cities, dungeons, aliens, mechs, and an underworld. Find love. Or beat the ultimate Underlord!

Nimoyd is an indie survival sandbox with not only a fresh look but with generated cities, dungeons, planets, mechs, aliens, many playable heroes, as well as all kind of terrain biomes, caves, mini-bosses, trading, farming, a new way to craft and build buildings, as well as an AI faction system, and a social system.

Survive a Vast World

Your only way to survive is to dig, craft, and fight through this strange world. Manage your energy supply as you explore forests, grass plains, deserts, dark caves and dungeons, and generated cities filled with enemies. Beware the night though, as the dark Spirits will haunt you.

Scavenge, Craft, Farm, and Survive

After crash landing with little to no help, the clock is ticking to find something to eat and to develop the equipment you need for exploration. Each biome offers useful resources for you to gather. Craft gear, lights, food, but also a bed, a table, buildings, vehicles, or even a mecha. Whatever you make will help you survive further away from your base. Who knows what else you can find deep below in the Underworld, and who knows what you could craft with it!

Nudge Nudge Games has released a Nimoyd alpha demo build for the upcoming Steam Game Festival.

Become a Hero

Customize your hero based on 16 hero types, ranging from humans to aliens, and magical creatures. Add unique character traits such as “Brave” or “Lazy” to make them unique, and watch how other characters in the game react to you. Earn XP and unlock the full skill tree!

Create Your Own Dynasty

Build a home. Choose recipes, and manage your defense against either other human factions, or new alien colonists, or against the Underlord who lives deep below in the Underworld. Use your home base to store resources, park vehicles, and replenish your supplies as you explore the vast world. Manage your defence against either the human factions, the new alien colonists, or against the nightly Spirits – or other players. Participate in wars between human factions or defend their factions against those strange alien colonists from space, or even play as an alien faction yourself.

Play With Friends

Invite your friends to your planet and go on an adventure underground or against the aliens. Or join one of the many public planets, to experience a more hilarious world filled with lots and lots of player factions and cities. But since Nimoyd is as a single player game at its core, take your time for that, and do it whenever you feel is right for you, and keep playing alone. As you like.

Fear the Underworld

What happened to your planet? What about that infecting Fungus that destroys villages and even alien colonies with ease? Why keep the humans talking about an Underlord in the Underworld? And where are those nightly creatures, called Spirits, come from? And what about the aliens? Why on Earth do alien colonists dig so vigorously deeper underground every day? Can you find a way to make it off the planet alive, or to fight off the Underlord or the aliens?

Make Friends, Find Love, Raise a Family

Discover vast nations and randomly generated cities, where you will rub your shoulders with traders, talk to soldiers, and even children. Listen to their stories to learn about their culture and the late history of this world. Eventually, you’ll find a sweetheart that you’d like to marry. Raise a family and secure your heritage.

Nimoyd is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for Early Access launch in Spring or Summer 2021, with a full launch (PC and consoles) in 2022.

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