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Death Trash

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Crafting Legends
Release Date: 2022

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'Death Trash' Comes to Early Access In August, Full Launch In 2022 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on July 2, 2021 @ 11:07 a.m. PDT

Death Trash features a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors long for humanity but meet punks with shotguns.

Humans traveled to the stars and some of them settled on the planet Nexus with its ancient secrets of stone and flesh. But secrets were unearthed, and the civilized people had to flee into enclosed habitats. The wasteland is reigned now by outcasts, controlling machines, and offsprings of the worm.

You are one of the outcasts, pushed outside with a dangerous burden to carry, and your path will take you through deserts, ruins, the underground, and beyond.

Death Trash is an open-world, singleplayer role-playing game with handcrafted levels, a strong story campaign and optional local co-op gameplay. Influenced by post-apocalyptic, horror, and cyberpunk classics but with a fresh personality of its own, Death Trash combines the crunch and depth of old-school, role-playing classics with the controls and game feel of modern games.

The game features real-time gameplay with ranged and melee combat, stealth, multiple choice dialogue, an inventory of items and worms, a crafting system, and skills like pickpocketing and puking.

Death Trash is coming to Steam Early Access on August 5, 2021.

“Although a lot of gameplay systems are implemented already, the story campaign is not fully included yet and the playable locations and quests only amount to a few hours of playtime. The existing systems might also have bugs, and lack options and progression.
The game features replayability through story and gameplay choices, but if "many hours of gameplay" is an important metric to you, you should wait until this game is finished.

“The final game will feature an open world with a handcrafted story campaign. Early Access will start with only the first "chapter" of that, then gradually add more story parts and locations, and keep the final part of the story for the official release. We'll probably also add more content to the existing locations over time, too, including items, characters and new quests.

Base gameplay features like combat, stealth, multiple choice dialogue, and crafting are implemented already, but we'll continue fine-tuning them, adding more gameplay options and improving their integration with the character stats system.

We plan to continue working on the game after the official 1.0 release, fixing bugs and improving usability.”

Travel through a gritty, post-apocalyptic wasteland by world map and explore hand-painted, organic locations. Meet exciting characters, talk to the Fleshkraken, visit the Puke Bar, or descend into old temples in search of expanding your awareness.

Customize your own character through stats and making in-game decisions. Experience the story and discover side quests. Fight against machines and larger-than-life monsters. Or become their friend.

Death Trash features extensive player freedom:

  • manual save games
  • dialogue can be left anytime
  • kill everyone or...
  • don't kill anyone!

The main feature of Death Trash is the immersive single-player campaign. But the game also contains a local co-op mode:

  • Covering the full campaign. The second player can drop in and drop out anytime.
  • Second player has their own character, stats, inventory etc. but shared quest progress.
  • Both players are restricted to the same location and traveling on the world map happens together.
  • Both players can perform actions separately, including dialogue, and don't interrupt each other.
  • The game has a shared screen mode (default) and a permanent split screen mode.

We're not planning an online co-op mode due to limited development resources. We will evaluate this again in the future. Steam Remote Play Together will be possible.

Death Trash is coming to Steam Early Access on August 5, 2021, with full launch planned on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One And PC in 2022.

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