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September 2021

Detroit: Become Human

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Quantic Dream
Release Date: Dec. 12, 2019

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'Detroit: Become Human' Has Sold Over 6 Million Copies Worldwide To Date

by Rainier on July 21, 2021 @ 9:30 a.m. PDT

Set in the near future, Detroit: Become Human takes a look at how humans would react if we were confronted with a new form of intelligence and how androids conceived as machines would be perceived if they started to have emotions.

Detroit: Become Human is a thriller set in Detroit in the near future. Androids have replaced humans in most tasks: babysitters, clerks, gardeners, nurses, teachers and workers. An incident affects the Androids, and some disappear without explanation, while others behave unexpectedly and show signs of emotion. No one knows what's really happening.

Detroit is the story of our world in twenty years, a world where androids that look like humans are treated like objects and have no rights. It is the story of three androids’ struggles: Kara escaping to protect a little girl, Markus fighting to be free, and Connor chasing deviants; three stories that may well determine the future of all androids.

As the player, you will tell these three intertwined stories simultaneously through your actions and decisions. You will be confronted with difficult choices, moral dilemmas, and critical decisions that will shape the destiny of your characters and the future of their world.

Quantic Dream is proud to announce today the long-lasting success of its video game Detroit: Become Human, which just passed 6 million units sold worldwide, including 1 million on PC as of July 6th, 2021. As well as being the fifth most streamed PC game on PlayStation Now in Spring 2021, Detroit: Become HumanTM is now the best-selling game ever developed by Quantic Dream. 

Quantic Dream is pleased to be able to celebrate this milestone, along with its 2020 release of the critically acclaimed titles, Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human on the online digital distribution platform, Steam.

“Despite the sanitary crisis going on, 2020 was a very strong year in terms of growth for our studio.” Says Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Co-CEO of Quantic Dream. “Last year, our group demonstrated the relevance of our self-publishing strategy by achieving new record results after taxes of 5.7 million euros. This very beneficial trend is confirmed even more during this first half of 2021, with record sales registered in recent weeks.”

Following the announcement of the studio’s self-publishing strategy for its upcoming titles in 2019, Quantic Dream has also started publishing video games developed by third-party studios. Right after releasing on Nintendo Switch Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut from the Berlin-based studio Jo-Mei, Quantic Dream is now funding the development of the next game from Parallel Studio, based in Paris, while co-producing Dustborn, the next title from the Norwegian studio Red Thread Games. 

Your actions will significantly change the story. Choices made as one character may have an impact on the others. You will also need to remember that all three characters can die at any point, which won’t lead to a game over, but allow the story to continue without them…

Detroit offers a very unique experience, something you have never played before. It is a spectacular and unexpected journey full of emotions, twists and turns, dangers and hopes, in the most branching experience ever created by Quantic Dream; where every choice matters.

While playing Detroit, you will not only discover these three characters but many others, and we hope you will remember Connor, Markus, and Kara’s stories for a long time – three androids fighting to become who they are…

Key Features:

  • PLAY YOUR PART IN A GRIPPING NARRATIVE: Enter a world where moral dilemmas and difficult decisions can turn android slaves into world-changing revolutionaries. Discover what it means to be human from the perspective of an outsider – and see the world through the eyes of a machine.
  • THEIR LIVES, YOUR CHOICES: Shape an ambitious branching narrative, where your decisions not only determine the fate of the three main characters, but that of the entire city of Detroit. How you control Kara, Connor and Markus can mean life or death – and if one of them pays the ultimate price, the story still continues…
  • COUNTLESS PATHS, COUNTLESS ENDINGS: Every decision you make, no matter how minute, affects the outcome of the story. No playthrough will be exactly the same: replay again and again to discover a totally different conclusion.
  • FULLY OPTIMIZED FOR PC: Detroit: Become Human is brought to PC with stunning graphics, 4K resolution, 60 fps framerate and full integration of both mouse/keyboard and gamepad controls for the most complete Detroit: Become Human experience to date.

Detroit: Become Human is currently available for PS4 and PC (Epic Games Store or Steam).

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