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Castle Of Pixel Skulls

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: 2Awesome Studio
Release Date: Aug. 3, 2021

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'Castle Of Pixel Skulls' Comes To Nintendo Switch, PS4 And Xbox One Next Month - Trailer

by Rainier on July 21, 2021 @ 1:36 p.m. PDT

Castle Of Pixel Skulls is a retro-styled platformer filled with fun and crazy hurdles.

Play challenging levels in a race against time in order to escape.

You play as an animated skeleton that wakes up in a haunted castle. In order to escape you need to overcome challenging levels full of enemies and traps while also racing against the clock to complete the levels as fast as possible. Spikes, fireballs, lava, timed platforms...everything in this castle is trying to kill you.

Will you have what it takes to survive?

Castle Of Pixel Skulls will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for 4,99 eur/gbp/usd.

Pre-orders will be available on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch with  a 20% off discounted price. 

Key features:

  • 4 different chapters with 10 levels each: a total of 40 levels full of madness and challenges!
  • Dangerous traps and enemies: spikes, fireballs, lava, timed platforms, skeletons, and more!
  • Timed levels: replay the levels as many times as you want and try to beat your previous score.
  • Classic arcade platformer playstyle: old school difficulty of classic NES platform titles. 
  • Simple and accessible controls.
  • Easy to play, hard to master.

Currently available for PC (Steam), Castle Of Pixel Skulls is coming to PS4 (August 3rd), Xbox One (August 4th) and Nintendo Switch (August 6th).

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