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Syberia: The World Before

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Microïds
Release Date: 2021

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'Syberia: The World Before' Adds Renown Pianist Emily Bear To Its Musical Roster

by Rainier on July 22, 2021 @ 12:23 a.m. PDT

Syberia: The World Before is a new episode in the iconic adventure game franchise that will invite us once again to follow the adventures of Kate Walker as she deals with a new investigation.

Vaghen, 1937: Dana Roze is a 17-year-old girl, who is beginning a brilliant career as a pianist. However, shadows begin to appear over her future as the fascist threat of the Brown Shadow hangs over Europe, at the dawn of the Second World War.

Taiga, 2004: Kate Walker survives as best she can in the salt mine where she has been imprisoned, when a tragic event propels her into a new adventure in search of her identity.

Syberia: The World Before will bring the fans back to the unique atmosphere, trademark of the series. Discover a scenario full of mystery, poetry and emotion. An adventure based on travel and exploration, ingenious mechanisms to unlock and of course, the fantastic art of Benoît Sokal. With its dreamlike, snowy and enigmatic landscapes, its automatons and its endearing and extravagant characters, “Syberia: The world before” should appeal to the series aficionados as well as the new comers.

This journey will take us across continents and through time periods to experience a journey rooted in the turmoil and tragedies of the twentieth century.

Microids is delighted to welcome the talented pianist Emily Bear to the musical crew for the game Syberia: The World Before.

An award-winning composer and recording artist since her professional debut at the age of five, 19 year old Emily Bear has achieved groundbreaking success as a pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter. She has performed on the worlds most legendary stages and is mentored by legendary producer, Quincy Jones. She is currently composing the viral hit musical Bridgerton the Musical with her writing partner, Abigail Barlow. Her expertise and love for film and media scoring highlights her ability to move between musical styles and to communicate story through music.

For Inon Zur “I found Emily to be a perfect fit for Syberia: The World Before. Not only because she is an amazing pianist, but also for how her own personality and performance complements the character Dana Rose. Emily’s unique classical virtuoso touch, along with her understanding of my music and the story of the game, makes her participation a tremendous contribution for the Syberia music world. I’m thrilled that she joined us as the piano voice for the score, I couldn’t hope for a better fit.”It makes no doubt that Emily’s sensibility will dramatically enhance the game score.

As a reminder, the prologue of Syberia: The World Before is available for free on Steam and GOG.

Key Features:

  • Set off on an adventure across continents and through time. Play as both Kate Walker and Dana Roze as you get to the bottom of mysteries that have remained buried for too long.
  • Explore the fantastic and poetic world of Benoît Sokal, with its breathtaking sceneries and iconic characters.
  • Solve complicated puzzles and riddles in keeping with the tradition of the saga.
  • Discover a rich and captivating story with unprecedented stakes and gripping dialogue.
  • The game soundtrack is written by the returning composer Inon Zur (Fallout 4, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia), already responsible for the music of Syberia 2 and Syberia 3.

Syberia: The World Before is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2021.

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