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September 2021

Hokko Life

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Team 17
Developer: Wonderscope Games
Release Date: 2020

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'Hokko Life' Steam Early Access Update Adds Farming Content, Development Roadmap - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on July 23, 2021 @ 1:33 p.m. PDT

Hokko Life is a colorful community life simulator that lets players create, craft, and explore the vibrant town of Hokko and its citizens.

Step off the train into the town of Hokko and get settled into your new home! This quiet village needs your help to turn it into the charming rural town everyone loves. With hammer and paints in hand it's up to you to design, build and decorate homes for all of your new friends!

In Hokko Life, players can enjoy decorating their homes and personalising their styles with custom clothing through an extensive editor that allows for unique designs. Players can finely tweak shapes, materials, and colours to create everything from t-shirts to chairs, and these designs can even be shared with other characters in the game.

A wide number of activities can also be explored, as players build themselves into the heart of the town’s community. From fishing to farming and hunting bugs, there’s plenty to enjoy in Hokko Life.

Team17 and Wonderscope Games have today launched the Farming Update featuring a cornucopia of content, including a new farming area, dozens of crops to grow, and crafting recipes to create.

The Farming Update provides a harvest of fresh content for Hokko denizens, including 24 different crops to sow, grow, and gather, from onions and tomatoes to strawberries and watermelons. It also introduces a new villager to the town, Aubrey, who joins the friendly group of welcoming villagers, selling seeds, crafting recipes, and a variety of farming equipment. A new farming area is also available from today that, once cleared of debris and overgrowth, provides players with a new allotment to practice and develop their green fingers. Once successfully grown, crops can be exchanged for prepared food from the village innkeeper or donated to townsfolk.

Alongside the launch of the Farming Update the Steam Early Access roadmap for Hokko Life has also been revealed, with updates on the way that include a super shopping mall, a mayor merits system, new clothing design and customization options, bug bonanza, and desert island distractions.

Full details can be found below:

  • Requests now factor in the season and availability of resources
  • Fixed refreshing of item amounts etc in Design Tool
  • Added "Path" blueprint for flat objects you can walk on
  • Fix for issue causing players to get stuck if they cancel movement of a mine lantern
  • Fix for mine lanterns lights being too big and causing performance problems
  • Fixed <request_amount> text on weed requests dialogue
  • Silver pickaxe now uses silver bars instead of ore for crafting, in line with other pickaxes
  • Fixed Redwood tree not giving correct wood
  • Fixed Redwood tree not dropping any seeds
  • Fix for slowdown the longer you play
  • Fix for text about a request's material being inserted in the middle of a conversation
  • Added Storage items
  • Added Storage blueprints
  • Changes to format of save files to help with corruption issues
  • Fix for scrollbar not appearing in design tool to show all material filters
  • Fixed the bonfire
  • Small optimisation in Painting tool to help with painting crashes
  • Fix for missing icon for Hanging Lights
  • Added information to backpack request screen to let you know what item is wanted
  • Fixed incorrect colours of several furniture items
  • Fix for strange lighting artefacts on custom objects
  • Fix for issue where speaking to villagers would lock the player if they had been in the main menu and back
  • Fix for strange pop on loading screen fade after being in main menu
  • Fixed missing icon for scateboard
  • Fix for respawning trees and grass on forest path exit from the meadow area
  • Fix for overflowing ingredients in Design Tool information panel
  • Fix for design pieces growing in size if spamming the duplicate button
  • Fix for overflowing and overlapping ingredients on information panel on craftables in backpack
  • Fix for "string missing" being used for name of designs when saving
  • Requests will be automatically removed from your request list after being time-lapsed for 4 days.
  • Fix for mine rocks not regenerating
  • Fix for wallpaper getting destroyed from backpack if you try and use it in a location that doesn't permit it

Key Features:

  • CRAFT: Head to the forest or the abandoned mine to chop mine, and dig for resources. Take what you've collected back to town and craft them into materials you can use in your own designs.
  • DESIGN: Gather your materials and head into the workshop to put your own spin on every item in the game. Use the design table to build your own furniture, combining different shapes and materials in a simple but powerful editor.
  • PAINT: Pop on your overall, get out those brushes and throw some colour down. You can design wallpaper, flooring and even T-Shirts for you and the villagers to wear. Get everyone in town wearing your own unique designs!
  • BUILD: Enlist the help of the resident builder and start expanding the town. Place buildings wherever you like and get them ready for new villagers to move in.
  • DECORATE: Customize the interior and exterior of any home, choose designs and place furniture to make a home your new friends will love.
  • FARM: Turn any plot of land into a place to grow vegetables and other plants, use your green fingers to grow and sell the best produce.
  • FISH: Spend a quiet morning at the various fishing spots around the world of Hokko and build your fishing collection. Fish have unique habits, so you'll need to vary your approach, with each catch providing it's own challenge when you reel in.
  • BUG HUNT: Fluttering and scuttling about the world of Hokko you'll find a whole range of insects for you to catch and build your collection with. Keep an eye out, you never know what might be hiding in that bush!

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Hokko Life is coming to PC (Steam) in 2021.

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