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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: 1047 Games
Release Date: August 2021

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'Splitgate' Launch Delayed Until August, Open Beta Extended And Gets More Content, Receives More Funding

by Rainier on July 26, 2021 @ 11:12 a.m. PDT

Splitgate is a multiplayer first-person shooter that uses player-controlled portals to create a new dimension of arena combat.

Splitgate evokes your favorite memories of the most-revered shooters of the past two decades, embracing the classic and familiar feel of arena multiplayer with a multi-directional twist. Splitgate: Arena Warfare’s world-bending portal mechanic lets players instantly create and link gateways around the map, encouraging and rewarding constant jetpack-boosted movement, strategic flanking and ambushes, and action that truly embraces all 360 degrees. It also looks really cool.

Splitgateis designed to be equally accessible to first-time and veteran FPS players, with an infinitely high skill cap that will take players hundreds of hours to refine and master. Splitgate is built in Unreal Engine 4 by 1047 Games, a passionate group of Halo fans, whose experience and love for the genre transcends the typical development team.

Splitgate will remain in open beta into next month as 1047 Games has delayed the game’s official launch in the wake of 2 million players downloading the game and flooding the Splitgate servers in the past 14 days. The game’s open beta will remain online as the team works to scale server capacity to handle the exponential growth of the player base.

Splitgate was set to officially launch on July 27th across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, providing a completely overhauled gameplay experience to its veteran PC players and introducing the unique twist of ‘portals’ to classic arena gameplay available to console players for the first time. 1047 will update the pre-release beta version on Tuesday with some of the planned launch content while 1047 continues increasing server capacity.

Tuesday’s pre-release beta version will feature the three new maps, and all-new customization options. It will also include many frequently requested features from its open beta, including mouse and keyboard support and an FOV slider on console, and customizable controller layouts.  

1047 Games flipped the switch on its crossplay, crossgen open beta on July 13th. Within 14 days, Splitgate has experienced explosive growth of players, putting new daily stresses on the game’s existing framework and server infrastructure. 1047’s four engineers—out of a total team of 30—were able to take the game from 400 concurrent players to more than 75,000 concurrent in a matter of days. 

CEO and Co-Founder Ian Proulx said, “Our team has been blown away by the incredible reception the Splitgate community has shown us. With the steep and sudden increase in players trying to access servers, we’re having to sort out a myriad of technical issues that come with this level of insane growth. We’ve worked hard to provide a high-quality game and experience, and our biggest challenge is simply to have enough capacity to serve the entire community.”

“That’s why we’re excited for Human Capital to lead this latest funding round. In addition to providing capital necessary to increase server capacity and stability, they’ll help build the engineering team we need to create the best possible game for our players.”

Baris Akis, Co-founder and President of Human Capital said, “I vividly remember Ian sharing his vision for gaming five years ago, and it’s amazing to see millions of people now experiencing that early idea with Splitgate. But it’s just the beginning for him and the team, and we’re excited to be a part of what’s next for 1047 Games.”

Constant movement is encouraged and rewarded as players strategically place portals to FLY, FLANK and FRAG through the air to create incredible, previously-impossible highlights.

Instead of a complicated and convoluted matchmaking system, Splitgate uses a simple, intuitive 1-50 ranking system determined purely on player wins and losses, cutting down on in-game griefing while providing little incentive for player boosting.

Players start each match with the same loadout, eliminating any unfair advantages from the start. Power weapons spawn on a timer across the map, and players are encouraged to use these powerful weapons to achieve montage-worthy killstreaks.

Standard FPS controls and intuitive portal mechanics mean beginners are up and running right off the bat. However, players must constantly evolve strategies and their ability to think with portals in order to outsmart one another. The skill cap is unlimited.

Splitgate launches with cross-play for PC (Steam), Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 in August 2021.

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