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​Potion Craft

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: tinyBuild
Developer: niCePlAy GAMeS
Release Date: 2022

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'​Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator' Playtest Available On Steam - Trailer

by Rainier on July 30, 2021 @ 9:11 p.m. PDT

​Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator where you physically interact with your tools and ingredients to brew potions.

You play as an aspiring alchemist who had to leave their hometown, as you wander the land looking for a new place to stay you stumble upon an abandoned cottage. From the looks of it a wizard used to reside here long ago. You decide to make this your home and convert the place into a potion shop. That means it’s time for you to start your journey down The Alchemist’s Path, learn the secrets of potion making, and forge your own destiny to become the alchemist this town needs!

You're in full control of the whole shop: invent new recipes, attract customers and experiment to your heart's content. Just remember: the whole town is counting on you.

Leaves, flowers, berries, roots, fruits, minerals, and a plethora of mushrooms are at the ready for your mortar and pestle. Just like espresso, the fineness of the grind matters!

Concoct your potion plan. Grind ingredients and carefully mix them in your cauldron. Heat the coals. Boil and stir. Add the base: water, oil, or… something else. Congrats on your first potion! Was it easy to learn? Now try mastering it!

The Potion Craft Steam Playtest is now available!

Experience the Alchemy Machine and discover Legendary Recipes, meet new customers, take a look at the reworked Recipe Book, and much more! Plenty of new stuff awaits, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and will walk you through some of the new features below.

Reworked Alchemist’s Path

Get ready to start your journey down The Alchemist’s Path with the completely reworked progression of 6 new story chapters! Complete a whole new set of quests and get valuable experience to upgrade your skills.

Alchemy Machine and Legendary Recipes

Brewing potions is fun and all, but the real challenge starts in the basement of your alchemy shop. Restore the Alchemy Machine left by your predecessor and discover Legendary Recipes such as Nigredo and Void Salt.

  • Nigredo is one of the powerful endgame recipes and ingredients that you could craft using the Alchemy Machine. Alongside some other legendary ingredients, it would be of good use to create the mythical Philosopher's Stone. It could also be used as a crafting material for Salts.
  • Void Salt is one of the first salts that we introduce to the game today. It will help you to master your brewing skills and create even more perfect potions by adjusting the potion’s path on the alchemy map! Keep in mind that different salts have different effects, but we’ll talk about this later!

Reworked Recipe Book

Organize your potion collection and notes like never before! We have completely reworked your handy book giving it a fresh new look, the ability to reorganize bookmarks manually the way you wish, add new pages to it using the Enchanted Paper, make edits to the old recipes, see its history and much more!

Meet some new customers and merchants

Word is spreading around the area bringing more visitors to your shop! Get to know new villagers with their unique stories and decide for yourself whether you want to lend them a helping hand or not. You’ll also meet some new merchants who are ready to sell you wondrous items and ingredients. There’s a lot to choose from!

New ingredient type: Teleporting Crystals

We’re also introducing a new type of ingredient to the game that will allow you to discover new ways of brewing potions. Here’s a quick look at how it works!

More potion customization

Experiment with a large number of forms for your flasks and labels to create your own unique potion collection. Change the shapes, colors and icons that represent your potions the best way!

Those were just a few examples of new features that await you in our newest Potion Craft Playtest.

You can find the list of other changes and improvements below:

  • A reworked Alchemist's Path with 6 story chapters
  • Alchemy Machine and Legendary Recipes
  • Teleporting Crystals: new ingredient type that teleports your potion instead of moving on the Alchemy Map
  • Void Salt: new ingredient type that help you to adjust the potion’s path on the Alchemy Map
  • Two new common ingredients
  • New customers and Merchants
  • New flasks skins, icons for stickers and other customization features
  • Completely revamped talents window
  • Reputation system rework
  • Alchemy map optimization
  • New "About full version" screen
  • A redesigned right-hand side panel featuring new buttons, current day and other useful information
  • General user experience improvements
  • Players can now move items that they hold in hand between rooms by dragging them to the screen borders
  • Danger Zones: we have adjusted the hitbox of Danger Zones making it a bit easier for players to create some potions
  • Many other small changes and improvements

Carefully plan your route via the Alchemy Map to combine different effects. Be mindful of common sense: you won’t find a market for a poisonous healing potion… right? Or would you?

Every day customers will come to your store looking for solutions to their problems. You will face consequences depending on what you decide to sell them. Attract guilds, befriend notable figures (or feud with them), gain riches and influence - and one day, you may even decide the fate of the whole town.

Every alchemist needs ingredients. You can buy them from traveling merchants: it can be pricey, but successful haggling may save you some coin. Or you can just grow your own!

Want to give a special appearance to your best potions? Go ahead! Change bottle shape, label type, icon, and colors. You can even give it a custom name and label description. Carefully arrange your unique potions to showcase them on your shop’s shelves and tables… or carelessly throw them around - we’re not gonna tell you what to do, just have fun!

Key Features:

  • Manage a medieval potion shop. Meet your fellow townsfolk, understand their needs from the stories they are telling you, and sell them the right potions to keep your business running. Buy and sell ingredients, grow your own in Enchanted garden, and do whatever it takes to stay in business.
  • Unique visuals inspired by medieval manuscripts and medical texts. Dive into an authentic medieval atmosphere created by carefully crafted characters, interiors, and a relaxing soundtrack.
  • Hyper satisfying physical interactions with ingredients and equipment. Harvest herbs, mushrooms, & crystals from the Enchanted Garden. Grind them carefully with your mortar and pestle to release their effects and add them to your cauldron.
  • Sandbox style Alchemy map system. Mix up a nice healing infusion with mana restoration, or add a frost effect to your regular poison for some extra spice. Fire, frost, healing, poison, explosion, magical vision, invisibility… your potions potential is limitless!

Expedition Zero is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2021.

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