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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date: 2020

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'World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' Season 2 Brings Back Mythic Dungeon International In August

by Rainier on July 5, 2021 @ 10:56 p.m. PDT

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a new expansion to the Blizzard's MMORPG in which Azerot's heroes will confront the wonders and horrors of the afterlife as they deal with the consequences of Sylvanas' actions.

World of Warcraft players entering the fabled Shadowlands will find the realms of the dead in upheaval. Under the normal order, departed souls were delivered to a realm appropriate to the lives they led, but now, all souls are being funneled into the Maw, where the most wicked are damned to suffer for eternity.

As they seek to right the cycle and uncover the extent of Sylvanas’ designs, players will forge bonds with the Covenants who hold domain over different planes within the Shadowlands:

  • The steadfast Kyrian of Bastion, whose discipline and duty compels them to safeguard souls from the mortal realm as they pass into the Shadowlands.
  • The mysterious Night Fae of Ardenweald, who fiercely defend the spirits of nature from those who would deprive them of rebirth.
  • The cunning Venthyr of Revendreth, who feast on the souls of the prideful and vain in a gothic realm of opulence and torment.
  • The warlike Necrolords of Maldraxxus, who forge the undead armies that serve as the first line of defense for the Shadowlands and honor those who seek power and glory in battle.

In their journeys through the Shadowlands, players will also come face-to-face with some of the departed legends of the Warcraft universe, such as Uther the Lightbringer, who struggles against dark forces that seek to transform him into a symbol of retribution, and Kael’thas, who pursues vengeance on an enemy from his past while confined to Revendreth for the crimes he committed in life.

Prior to the expansion’s release, Azeroth will begin to bear the effects of Sylvanas’s actions during a special pre-launch in-game event: “Death Rising.” This limited-time event will send players to the frozen wastes of Icecrown, where the veil between worlds has been shattered—and the reawakening of the undead Scourge heralds the stirring of more sinister forces.

The “Death Rising” event is part of the major pre-expansion game update to prepare for Shadowlands’ release, which also includes a newly revamped leveling experience that takes players to the new pre-Shadowlands level cap of 50, the addition of an epic introductory adventure for players new to World of Warcraft set on the accursed island of Exile’s Reach, a variety of updates to classes and abilities in preparation for the expansion, and more.

With $380,000 (USD) on the line, MDI’s next season is set to escalate dungeon-running to a whole new level. Over the last few years, we’ve been consistently improving upon the MDI structure based on a combination of player and viewer feedback as well as our own experience managing competitive PvE. For Season 2, we are iterating even more as we step away from Cups and bring in a new structure. Prepare yourselves for the next evolution of the Mythic Dungeon International!

Three-Phase Groups Format

Following the success of Season 1 and The Great Push, we are set to test the boundaries of what the core-MDI program can do while challenging teams to prove themselves as the best dungeoneers in the world. Throughout Season 1, teams struggled with the extensive time requirements to compete in weekly time trials just for their shot at the broadcast Cups. This format led to player fatigue while it also risked diminishing the stakes of matches as many of the same teams kept advancing to the Cups each week.

For Season 2, we are introducing a new three-phase system that aims to lessen demands on each team while ensuring that every single moment truly matters. Time Trials will determine teams advancing to the group stage, where there will be $80,000 in prizing split across four weekends. The top six teams from the Global Region groups, the top team from China, and a final team from the new Last Stand Tournament will advance to the Global Finals where a $300,000 prize pool will be up for grabs.

Phase 1: Time Trials (August 18 – 24)

  • Any eligible teams can register on Gamebattles from now until August 16. All teams will then compete in Time Trials from August 18 – August 24, with the top 24 teams from the Global Region advancing to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Group Play (September 3 – 19)

  • The top 24 teams will be divided into three separate groups of eight, with one group competing each weekend.  Affixes and dungeon keystone difficulties will vary between each group, with teams having one week to prepare for their matches. They will split a weekly $20,000 prize pool and the top two teams from each group will advance to the Global Finals.

Phase 3: Last Stand Tournament (Dates to be announced later this Summer)

  • All remaining teams will compete in a final open registration Time Trials, with the top six teams advancing to the Last Stand Tournament. We will challenge teams using a similar format to The Great Push, with teams having 15 hours to speed run keystones across multiple dungeons throughout the tournament. We’ll have more details to share, including final dates for the Time Trials and the broadcast weekend before the start of Season 2.

In addition to the group structure, Season 2 will also see teams competing across the Shadowlands dungeons while utilizing the new Seasonal Tormented Affix. Be sure to head over to Gamebattles to register for your shot at the total $380,000 (USD) prize pool and title of MDI 2021 Season 2 Global Champions! 

For more information on MDI, including more details ahead of Season 2 as well as the upcoming Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament and Arena World Championship Season 2, be sure to follow WoW Esports on Twitter and subscribe to catch every match on YouTube.

Key Features:

  • Explore the Realm of the Dead: For the first time ever in World of Warcraft, players will cross into the Shadowlands and experience the wonders and horrors of the afterlife across five new zones—the gleaming fields of Bastion, the scarred battlefields of Maldraxxus, the eternal twilight of Ardenweald, the opulent keeps of Revendreth, and the horrific Maw.
  • Explore Warcraft’s Afterlife—Discover the wonders and horrors that await in the world beyond the veil. Ride across the gleaming fields of Bastion, lose yourself among the gothic spires of Revendreth, find yourself at the crossroads of fate in the eternal city of Oribos, and much more.
  • Claim a Covenant’s Power: Players will be called upon to forge a bond with one of four Covenants that rule Shadowlands’ new zones, setting the tone for their journey through the expansion with a full Covenant Campaign. As they level up, they’ll get new abilities based on their choice, including class-specific abilities for each Covenant—as well as developing Soulbinds with specific Covenant members, which grant them access to that character’s specific traits and bonuses.
  • Ascend the Tower of the Damned: At the heart of the Maw lies Torghast, Tower of the Damned, a cursed otherworldly prison where the wickedest souls in the universe are locked away. Highly replayable and inspired by roguelike games, heroes are invited to explore its ever-changing halls and chambers and do battle with the minions of the Jailer, Torghast’s vile ruler. Those who brave its trials can claim legendary treasures and help free the heroic spirits wrongfully trapped within.
  • Every Level Is Meaningful: Shadowlands will introduce a new leveling system, meant to provide a meaningful sense of advancement with every level achieved. Current max-level characters will begin Shadowlands at level 50 and work toward the new level cap of 60.
  • A New Army of the Dead Rises: To combat Sylvanas’ assault on Icecrown, Bolvar Fordragon— the revered former paladin who took on the mantle of Lich King to keep the Scourge at bay—has raised heroes from among all the peoples of Azeroth to bolster the Death Knights of Acherus. With Shadowlands, pandaren and all allied races will now be able to become Death Knights.
  • Improved Character Customization Options: A host of new appearance options for all races will be made available to players when they create new World of Warcraft characters (or alter existing ones at the in-game barber shop).
  • And More. . .—Endure the Jailer’s watchful eye in the Maw, where the challenge mounts the longer you linger; Soulbind with key characters of your chosen Covenant to share their distinct powers; choose how to restore your Covenant’s Sanctum to glory . . . Shadowlands is unlike anything ever before experienced in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is currently available for PC.

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