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Postal: Brain Damaged

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Developer: CreativeForge Games (EU), Hyperstrange (US)
Release Date: June 9, 2022

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'Postal: Brain Damaged' Delayed Until Early 2022, Protagonist Voice Actor And Console Platforms Revealed - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 23, 2021 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Postal: Brain Damaged is a retro-styled FPS spin-off that will deliver crude and immature humor, ridiculous weapons, and an old school challenge.

One too many hits to the head (and hits off the pipe) has everyone’s favorite bathrobed anti-hero, The Postal Dude, reeling from brain damage. When he closes his eyes in a drunken, drugged-up stupor, he awakens in a psychedelic, grotesque, utterly twisted dream world. Asylum patients with dildo arms charge ravenously. Serial killer grandmas wield walkers in cut-throat combat. Beware probe-happy aliens reaching for the backside of The Postal Dude’s bathrobe.

Shoot through stages of escalating insanity, beating back the nightmares with bullets and urine. Strafe, dash, slide, and bunny hop through massive retro-styled stages, including a grungy asylum, comic convention, Area 69, and more. Each of The POSTAL Dude’s twisted fantasies offers new challenges and a characteristic flow — from corridor shooting through secret passages to blowing up large, open spaces with perfect twitch reflexes — but the hardcore spirit of badass ‘90s shooters bleeds from every orifice.

With a heaping arsenal of nostalgic, bombastic weaponry, Postal: Brain Damaged delivers a pure boomer shooter experience. Eviscerate enemies with the double-barreled shotgun, remove flat-earther heads from afar with the devastating railgun, and attach the cat silencer to blast aliens and military zombies with feline style.

Postal: Brain Damaged  boasts the series’ beloved over-the-top parody and satire of pop culture, politics, and modern society. Escape from reality and unwind while beating back hippies, fleeing from flying fluids, and wiping out enemies to your heart’s content while pixelated blood spurts forth and a thrashing old school soundtrack thumps with every gun blast.

Running With Scissors, the creators of the Postal series, and Hyperstrange the developer of Postal: Brain Damagedrevealed their casting choice for the series’ iconic anti-hero, the POSTAL DUDE in the upcoming spin-off, voice actor, Corey Cruise.

The announcement comes in the form of an animated short, featuring the Brain Damaged rendition of the DUDE, followed by a short, yet meaty gameplay teaser.

Postal: Brain Damaged demo will be featured during the Steam Next Fest online event in October, giving everyone the chance to play through the game’s entire first section.

With Postal: Brain Damaged, Hyperstrange takes the infamous shooter series into a whole new direction, shifting from the usual ultra-violent, open-ended sandbox towards fast-paced, skill-based, challenging gameplay with traditional level-based campaign, fluid movement, and 90s-worthy spirit and visual flair.

This gives poking some affectionate fun at the unforgettable DOOM Eternal cinematic in the intro cut-scene a deeper meaning. According to the developer, Postal: Brain Damaged, while staying firmly rooted in the POSTALVERSE, takes more gameplay cues from modern shooters such as the latest DOOM, than the fan-acclaimed Postal 4, the latest entry in the main series.

The Dude’s about to deal some damage!

Key Features:

  • Classic, high-paced FPS gameplay with fluid movement
  • POSTAL's signature crude, dark humor, satire, and glorification of violence
  • Crazy-ass weaponry, power-ups, and props
  • Stage-based, old-school single-player shooter campaign
  • Plot twists!
  • Plot holes!
  • More glorification of violence

Postal: Brain Damaged  launches for PC (Steam) in early 2022, followed by Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch versions.

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