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August 2022

Dream Cycle

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Cathuria Games

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'Dream Cycle' Announced By Tomb Raider Creator, Comes to Steam Early Access Next Month - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 25, 2021 @ 3:26 p.m. PDT

Trapped in a cursed alternate dimension, arcane apprentice Morgan Carter faces an epic action/adventures quest to save both her soul and the shattered Dreamlands.

When her Essence is stolen by a long lost relative, arcane apprentice Morgan Carter finds herself trapped in the Dream Realms on the edge of death. With the Realms shattered and corrupted, she must track down her legendary Great Great Grand Uncle Randolph Carter in order to take back her power, thwart his plan to become a God, and bring light to the Dreamlands.

Dream Cycle is an ever-expanding adventure through a cursed, shattered dimension. Players take the role of Morgan Carter, a modern-day arcane apprentice who’s essence has been stolen by her great-great-grand-uncle, the legendary Randolph Carter. After discovering that her path to the waking world has been obscured by dark magic, Morgan must venture into the Dreamlands to purge the realm’s corruption, recover her own powers, and thwart Randolph’s sinister plans to become a god.

While Dream Cycle will launch with 10,000 adventures, players will have the opportunity to collaborate in defining the future of the Dreamlands. During Early Access, the community will help shape Dream Cycle by providing feedback while they play, watching the game grow and change with regular updates to spells, perks, story, and more.

Designed by Toby Gard, creator of Lara Croft, Dream Cycle features an original story based on H.P Lovecraft’s series by the same name, as well as music by Tomb Raider composer Nathan McCree.

The project marks the first release from Cathuria Games, an independent venture by Tomb Raider creator Toby Gard. The ambitious game seeks to redefine the scale of  “epic adventure.”

On teaming up with Toby Gard on the game, Raw Fury CEO Jónas Antonsson said “Dream Cycle represented a chance to reshape and reinvent a genre within the games industry, with the person that had done exactly that once before. It holds great promise.”

Dream Cycle is the foundation of a journey into the endless unknown, an ever-growing portal into adventure.” said Dream Cycle creator Toby Gard. “Join our community of explorers and help us build a new type of action adventure game, where gods, monsters and magic filter through the psyche of the modern world.”

“The Early Access version of Dream Cycle encompasses the intro and the first section of the Main Story. It has 10k Adventures across one location. With each adventure taking 10-30 minutes to complete, the accessible play time is really only limited by the player’s upgrade path and enemy variety. The player has access to around 20 weapons, 12 spells and about 20 perks. There are 3 factions with a total of 12 enemies plus procedurally generated ‘bosses.’ Only one language is supported, for now.”

“Leading up to the release you can expect many improvements, from extra weapons, spells, perks, enemies and environmental assets, to overall improvements to combat, UI, UX and visual fidelity. All of which will be scaled and prioritized based on the feedback from the community.”

Key Features:

  • Infinite Adventure: Dream Cycle is not a static game, but an ever-growing platform for mystery and adventure. Through regular updates, new realms will become available, introducing new biomes, additional story chapters, weapons, enemies, skills, and powers. Continue to develop and adapt your character as the vast expanses of the Dream Realms open up over time.
  • A Massive Computer-Generated Sandbox: Explore and plot your own path through the Dreamlands, following story leads and gathering new powers as you enter the Deep Gate and traverse each of the 10,000 adventures within each map tile. Every time you cross the threshold, you will land in a unique sandbox which you can freely traverse by climbing, teleporting, or even flying. Approach your objectives any way you want and restore the world to balance.
  • Define Your Playstyle: Whether you want to master the sword in hand-to-hand combat, perfect your aim in dynamic first-person gunplay, or cast fire down on your foes with powerful magic, there are ways to build your character around each strength. With eight spell slots available at all times and a highly flexible perk system, you can become the occultist adventurer you want to be.
  • Immersive Atmosphere: Enveloping your journey through the Dreamlands is an original soundtrack written by the original Tomb Raider composer, Nathan McCree. Dream Cycle is also professionally voiced, bringing the story and your adventure to life.

Players can begin their journey through the Dreamlands when Dream Cycle enters Steam Early Access on September 7 for $19.99.

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