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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: astragon Software
Developer: Aesir Interactive

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'Police Simulator: Patrol Officers' Early Access Update Will Add Co-op Multiplayer Later This Month

by Rainier on Aug. 5, 2021 @ 3:34 p.m. PDT

Handcuffs and radar on hand, players will don the badge of a male or female United States police officer and patrol the first district and five neighborhoods of a bustling American city.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will paint a realistic picture of a patrol officer’s job in a fictional American city called Brighton. Police fans will wear their virtual badges proudly as they ensure order and safety. Players will be able to patrol the first neighborhood of the introductory city district at launch. If they perform well with their superiors, they’ll unlock access to four more neighborhoods in this first district, where pedestrians and vehicular traffic simulate the impression of a living complex metropolis.

Police fans will begin their careers by choosing one of eight different playable characters. Instead of a lengthy tutorial, a system of unlockable content will teach players all the  skills they need while on patrol. Handy tool tips will provide additional information. 

Collecting shift-points during the workday, which in turn become duty stars, will unlock new districts, new neighborhoods, and new police cars. During shifts, tasks will include enforcing parking regulations, recording traffic accidents, and penalizing traffic offenses like speeding or jaywalking. On top of that, players will have to keep an eye out for wanted suspects.

Appropriate and lawful behavior towards Brighton’s citizens is an integral part of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. A Conduct Point System will log and penalize abuses of power. Virtual police officers who are found to have acted against the law and the department’s code of conduct will be stripped of their badges and fired.

The title also will include a casual game mode where players will be able to receive hints they wouldn’t normally receive in the main simulation portion of the game. Players will receive tips on crimes occurring in their immediate vicinity. Additionally, they’ll be shown more leniency when it comes to breaking the law, such as speeding or jaywalking. Serious offences like police brutality, however, will still be severely punished. Players will also be able to disable police vehicle collisions with NPCs while in this mode.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officer has so far been a pure single-player experience. This is now set to change with the next major Early Access update of the police simulation: On August 26, 2021, astragon Entertainment and Aesir Interactive will release the big multiplayer update Nightshift with Friends during the course of this year’s gamescom game show. From then on, virtual officers will be able to go on patrol with another person in a 2-player co-op mode, and experience additional brand-new features.

After the recently released Background Check update which added a new vehicle, an additional district and the police computer for checking suspicious vehicles and persons, fans of the popular simulation game can already look forward to the next content highlight: The Nightshift with Friends update introduces a 2-player co-op mode that allows players to patrol the streets of Brighton in pairs and have each other's backs.

While doing so, they will also be confronted with some new legal violations: Not only are graffiti sprayers up to mischief on the streets of Brighton, smoking exhaust pipes on vehicles will also become a new problem that police officers should keep an eye on, if they want to maintain law and order in their neighborhoods.

For those who prefer the quiet of the night to go patrol, the newly introduced night shifts allow them to move their workday to the darker hours of Brighton. Of course, the Brighton PD will provide officers with new equipment such as torches and warning flares to investigate further new offenses such as too-loud engines on vehicles or driving without lights after dark.

As with every major update released for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, fans of the game will be able to try out the Nightshift with Friends update in advance next week during an extensive beta test on Steam™, and thus contribute directly to its development and refinement.

Key Features:

  • Parking surveillance – Situative issuing of parking tickets and/or towing of vehicles for parking against the direction of travel, exceeding the permitted parking time, and non-observance of parking restrictions. Fines may  also be issued for parked cars with expired license plates.
  • Traffic violations by pedestrians – If a pedestrian is endangering themselves and others (by ignoring a red light at an intersection, for instance), officers should intervene. Careless littering is also frowned upon on the streets and sidewalks of Brighton.
  • Traffic accidents – Different types of accidents, which can develop dynamically from traffic events, will demand different actions by officers. This includes calling for an ambulance, interviewing witnesses, drug and alcohol tests, and more. Players should always keep a watchful eye on moving traffic.
  • Speed control – Measure the speed of moving vehicles while standing on the roadside with a radar gun or by utilizing the speed measuring instrument in one’s police car. Issue tickets when appropriate.
  • Search and arrest wanted suspects: Now and then, the police department’s call center will issue information about wanted suspects. One may encounter a person matching the call center’s descriptions during patrol. A key element of investigations is questioning witnesses, as they might offer valuable information regarding a suspect.
  • Traffic control – Going on patrol in one’s police car will offer players new perspectives on Brighton’s traffic and streets. Use sirens to pass around other vehicles or to prompt them to pull over.
  • The Crime Map will help fans maintain an overview of the different districts and neighborhoods of Brighton. Players will be able to monitor increases in offences in order to determine which areas demand a stronger police presence.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is now available through Steam Early Access for 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP.

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