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Marvel's Midnight Suns

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis Games
Release Date: Dec. 2, 2022

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'Marvel's Midnight Suns' Details Tactics and Storytelling, Shows Off First Gameplay, More To Be Revealed Next Week - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 1, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m. PDT

Marvel's Midnight Suns is an all-new tactical RPG where you confront the darker side of the Marvel Universe and live among its legends.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns brings players face-to-face against supernatural forces as they team up with and live among the Midnight Suns, Earth’s last line of defense against the underworld.

Through a twisted marriage of magic and science, the nefarious force known as Hydra has revived Lilith, Mother of Demons, after centuries of slumber. Lilith will stop at nothing to complete an ancient prophecy and summon her evil master, Chthon. Pushed to the brink, the Avengers desperately look to fight fire with Hellfire by enlisting the help of the Midnight Suns – Nico Minoru, Blade, Magik, and Ghost Rider – young heroes with powers deeply rooted in the supernatural, formed to prevent the very prophecy Lilith aims to fulfill.

Together, they resurrect an ancient warrior – the Hunter, Lilith’s forsaken child and the only hero known to have ever defeated her.

2K and Marvel Entertainment unveiled the world premiere of Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay, giving a thrilling first look at the game’s genre-defining tactical combat and a new side to legendary Marvel heroes as players experience an unforgettable adventure that dives deep into the darker side of Marvel.

In Marvel's Midnight Suns, players take on the role of the Hunter – the first customizable original hero in the Marvel Universe, brought back to life from a centuries-long sleep to lead the Midnight Suns, with heroes spanning across the Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and more. Forced to unite in opposition to Lilith, Mother of Demons and parent to the Hunter, the Midnight Suns must rise up against the darkness in the face of fallen allies and with the fate of the world at stake.

"We're thrilled to work with Marvel to create Marvel's Midnight Suns. Not only is this a sensational, original direction for Firaxis, we also have a rewarding partnership with Marvel in telling new stories in their world." said Steve Martin, Studio President at Firaxis Games.

As the Hunter, each day in Marvel's Midnight Suns starts off in the Abbey, the last safe haven from Lilith’s demonic influence and the player’s very own secret mystical base. Players will move freely throughout the Abbey from a third-person “over-the-shoulder” perspective and greet their fellow heroes before embarking on missions.

Marvel's Midnight Suns features a new engaging and deeply customizable battle system that rewards clever thinking with Super Hero flair. In Marvel's Midnight Suns, players select up to three heroes to bring into combat and all hero abilities are represented through cards. Each hero, including the Hunter, has a unique set of cards that can be arranged and customized to tailor that character to the player’s preference and playstyle. In addition to cards, players will also be able to utilize their environments as they shove, leap, and smash their way to victory.

“In Marvel's Midnight Suns, you aren’t learning how to fight or gradually grow stronger – you and your fellow heroes are already legends, and must combine everything in your arsenal to stop Lilith," said Jake Solomon, Creative Director at Firaxis. "Cards provide a new and refreshing way to approach tactics, allowing us to really go all-out in designing a combat system that makes every hero feel, look, and play differently.

After completing missions, players return to the Abbey where they’ll develop relationships and strengthen their personal bonds off the battlefield with some of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, and more. As the Hunter, players will get to see heroes in a new light and unlock additional abilities as they increase their Friendship through a variety of activities, such as getting to know heroes better through dialogue options, Hangouts, gift giving and more.

“At Marvel, we’re always looking to bring new and fresh experiences to our fans and know people have wanted to 'hang out' with their favorite Marvel heroes for a long time," said Bill Rosemann, Vice President of Creative at Marvel Games. "That's finally possible in Marvel's Midnight Suns. We couldn't be happier with the way 2K and Firaxis are bringing the mystical and darker stories from the Marvel universe to the forefront."

“It was incredibly important to us to build something the gaming world has never seen before,” stated Garth DeAngelis, Senior Franchise Producer at Firaxis Games. “In Marvel's Midnight Suns, you aren’t just saving the world with heroic combat – you’re living alongside and befriending Marvel legends, engaging in an incredibly deep story, all the while making interesting decisions befitting of timeless Firaxis gameplay.”

Added Chad Rocco, Director of Narrative at Firaxis Games: “With all these heroes from across the Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and more - this is a particularly interesting and diverse group of heroes who don't always see eye-to-eye. As the Hunter, it will be up to you to help bridge the gap between the old guard and the new kids on the block."

Following today’s initial unveil of gameplay, Firaxis will be sharing a closer look at combat via gameplay stream on September 7, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. PT.

The first ever Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay stream is sure to be one for the ages as members of the Firaxis development team pit Wolverine and the Hunter against Sabretooth using the game's unique tactical combat system. Don't be surprised if the Hunter enters the fray as well!

To say that Wolverine and Sabretooth are sworn enemies doesn't even begin to describe the depth of their hatred for one another. The regenerating mutant pair have been fighting and occasionally killing each other in comic books since the mid '80s when, after sharing the cover of Power Pack #27, they clashed in Uncanny X-Men #212. They've scrapped in sewers and secret labs, gone head-to-head in Hell, and even tore into each other as zombies. At 11:30am PT / 7:30pm BST on September 7 (2:30am UTC+8 / 4:30am AET on September 8), the Hunter and Wolverine are teaming up against Sabretooth for a ferocious grudge match during the first ever gameplay stream of Marvel's Midnight Suns.

In one corner, we've got the Hunter and Wolverine fighting to save the world. Wolverine's razor-sharp claws, regenerating health, and ability to taunt enemies into focusing on him make him well-suited to fighting on the front line. Tilting the odds in Wolverine's favor on this occasion will be members of the Firaxis development team and the Hunter, Marvel's Midnight Suns' protagonist and the first customizable original hero in the Marvel Universe. The Hunter has a previous lifetime of training and experience to draw on and can fill a number of different combat roles by focusing on dealing damage, supporting allies, controlling enemies, mitigating incoming damage, or any combination thereof.

In the other corner is Wolverine's age-old nemesis Sabretooth, another mutant with a superpowered healing factor and the animalistic instincts and strength of a fearsome predator. Even in a two-on-one battle, Sabretooth should prove to be a fierce opponent. You'll have to tune in to see who stands victorious when Wolverine and the Hunter take on Sabretooth in an intense head-to-head fight.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) in March 2022.

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