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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: The Isn't Company
Release Date: January 2022

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'Hometopia' Lets You Build Or Renovate Your Dream House, Demo Coming Soon - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 15, 2021 @ 10:22 a.m. PDT

Hometopia is a house building game where you can build, design and renovate beautiful homes alone or with friends online.

Build, design, and renovate beautiful homes across five unique neighborhoods, or freely build dream houses and neighborhoods from scratch alone or with friends online.

Hometopia can be played in First Person or in an Overhead perspective and offers two different modes:  Career and Sandbox.

In Sandbox, build your dream home without the pressure of market conditions or the limit of resources. Create a cozy bungalow in the forest, a modern marble and glass mansion on the beach, or a massive over-the-top palace overlooking estate grounds and share your creation with the world on Steam Workshop. Need even more items to design with? Hometopia offers full modding support for limitless additions.  In multiplayer, create entire neighborhoods with other players - from planning the plots and laying down roads to creating parks and designing homes - there's no limit to the worlds you can build.

In Career mode, players renovate 30 different homes across five distinct neighborhoods that range from a run-down mobile home park to a posh beachside community with lakefront gated mansions.  Buy rundown properties and fix them up to earn top dollar...after cleaning the space, start by improving the layout and flow. Think buyers in this neighborhood would prefer three bedrooms with a garage and nursery instead of a large master closet and sunroom? Use the Floorplanner tool to designate what every space in the home is intended for, then get down to renovating! 

Paint the walls, install new flooring and premium appliances, put in new doors and windows, add high end fixtures, or create a beautiful outdoor space for good curb appeal. Feeling ambitious? Build out a fancy multi-car garage, expand the footprint of the home, create a third level, or even demolish the entire property and rebuild it from scratch - foundation all the way up to the roof! Stage the property from a massive collection of over 2,000 unique pieces of furniture, lighting, decor and accent pieces (or make your own unique pieces using hundreds of materials available to customize each item) before putting it on the market. Fulfill all the needs of an ever-changing market and you could have a bidding war on your hands!

"We're a small, independent team of five, but we've been developing games for the past two decades," said Alex Ahlund, founder of The Isn't Company.  "We had a lot of success with our mobile games; Design This Home and Design This Castle, attracting over 20M players and igniting our love of home design.”

He continued, “After my wife and I fully renovated our 120-year-old former fraternity house by ourselves, we knew we wanted to bring that same experience to others in a more accessible but less exhausting format.  There aren't really any games out there that let you build and renovate realistic homes from scratch with other players online, either, so we knew that was an important feature we wanted to incorporate."

Design your own dream home by grabbing the free demo of Hometopia on their Steam page from October 1st to October 7th.

Key Features:

  • Build entire homes from scratch - foundation to rooftops
  • Create homes and neighborhoods with others in online multiplayer
  • Play in First Person or Overview camera modes
  • Design furniture and change materials for everything for full customization
  • Grid-less designing and 360 degree item rotation
  • Lay out the floorplan and designate where every room goes
  • Create plots of any size
  • Build entire neighborhoods with roads, street lights, trees and more
  • Steam Workshop support - share your creations and upload custom items and textures
  • Renovate, buy and sell homes across 5 unique neighborhoods (Trailer Park, Suburb, City, Beach, Mansions) in Career mode
  • Free-build in creative Sandbox mode
  • Multiple biomes (Forest, Lakes, Desert, Beach) to select from
  • Thousands of items to design and build with at launch with more available through modding
  • Adjust time of day and sun direction to take the perfect shareable photos
  • Take before/after photos automatically in-game
  • Advanced lighting system
  • Build elaborate gardens and exteriors
  • Paint color wheel to use any color

Hometopia is coming to PC (Steam) in January 2022.

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