Source Of Madness

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Thunderful
Release Date: 2021

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'Source Of Madness' Available On Steam Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 22, 2021 @ 8:20 a.m. PDT

Source of Madness is a lovecraftian rogue-lite action-platformer where you are challenged by dynamic and ever-changing monsters from the void.

Source Of Madness takes place in an alternative reality where the world did not go into the age of enlightenment, where magic and the monsters of Lovecraft exist or rather allow you to exist. The world is steered and controlled by cosmic entities where the human race hangs on in foolish attempts to survive for yet another sunrise. You play as newly initiated acolytes at the tower of knowledge, where people of Loam have taken shelter from the disturbing hordes of monsters currently infesting the Loam Lands.

Your voyage will not only be one of the depths in terra nor only the depths of treacherous forests but to the grand non-euclidean citadel R’Lyeh, to the moon, and the celestial bodies on the rims of the universe!

These worlds warp and distort with the current unstable space time leaving things each day different and inhabited by deformed and grotesque beings of celestial origins. You are only protected from the warp by the powers of the Tower of Knowledge, yet now you have to voyage out, to find the twin tower, the Tower of Madness.

Explore a uniquely created world by neural networks, inspired by Mr. H. P. Lovecraft - see the depths of its insanity. Source of Madness offers a rich and unique world that never seems to be fully discovered. Each time you play, the world will have new possibilities and hidden areas filled with lurking monsters and threats. Every time you die and start over - the whole world and its inhabitants change. This world is cursed and soon to be lost.

Thunderful Publishing & Carry Castle have revealed that Source of Madness is available to play now on Steam Early Access for $16.99 / €16.99 / £13.99.

With ever-changing landscapes to explore and new monstrosities to face on every run, this Lovecraftian odyssey offers a truly unique spin on the genre.

The Early Access release for Source of Madness is titled At the Tower Madness and includes the complete first Act of the game. This includes 5 biomes to explore; the Prologue area, the Loam Land, the Cave of Lost Souls, the Forest of Lies and The Moon. Players have 2 classes to choose from; Pyromancer and Generalist. There are also two major boss fights to conquer, which act as key progression milestones in the story.

“There are plenty of roguelites that alter their level design every time you play, but Source of Madness takes things one step further by altering the monsters you encounter,” said Per Fornander, Co-Founder at Carry Castle. “These twisted monstrosities are created by an AI, ensuring that even we are finding new abominations to face off against. The billions of possible monstrous forms feels cosmically overwhelming, which fits the tone of Source of Madness’ Lovecraftian horror.”

“Source of Madness is among the moodiest, most intriguing roguelites we’ve seen,” said Dieter Schoeller, Head of Publishing at Thunderful Publishing. “We instantly fell in love with its gothic art style, endless array of monsters, and unique RPG-inspired character building. It’s already a great time, and we’re sure it will only get better thanks to the feedback by Early Access adopters.”

Carry Castle will be rolling out major updates each month during the Early Access period as it leads up to launch:

  • September 27th - They Hide in the Shadows:
    • Geomancer class - Harness the power of the earth to decimate your foes.
    • Additional monster variations.
    • Various planned fixes and community-led improvements.
  • October 11th - Reckoning:
    • Dungeons of Forgotten Knowledge biome,
    • Gameplay balance changes, bug fixes and further changes based on community feedback.
  • October 25th - Update 4: Information on this update to be revealed when it launches, in addition to details on the November updates for Source of Madness.

Embracing community feedback is also a key factor in the Early Access, so any players wanting to experience Source of Madness and contribute to its final guise, please leave feedback in Steam or better still join the official Source of Madness Discord server for direct access to the development team.

Are you an aggressive player or do you want to avoid the enemies and fight them from afar? Choose the skills to match your style and become the cultist you want to be by upgrading the skill tree and discovering new ways to fight your foe. Express yourself with a rich magic system with a lot of classes. Combine your skills and spells from the unlockable classes to create your own unique play-style. The only thing that stands between you and the merciless monsters of the shadow is your magical powers!

Discover millions of organic lifelike monsters moving around the world, climbing and stretching in billions of different ways. As your journey progresses, the arcane lore of the Loam Lands unfurls and plunges you deeper into its dark depths. The world and monsters are rendered using a combination of hand-drawn assets, AI visual manipulation and procedural generation. The monsters inhabiting this dark world are animated using a machine learning AI. This means Source of Madness offers ever-changing landscapes to explore and new monstrosities to face on every run.

Key Features:

  • Procedural Monsters: Fight unique monsters each play-through, brought to life by machine learning AI.
  • Class Altars: Infuse the blood of your enemies into magical altars to unlock permanent bonuses.
  • Magical Spell Combat: Find powerful spells and master their wide range of effects and attack patterns.
  • Ever Changing Dynamic World: For each new run your world is twisted into something new and fresh.

Source Of Madness is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in 2021.

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