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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Twin Sails Interactive
Developer: Flaming Fowl Studios
Release Date: Oct. 20, 2021

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'Gloomhaven' Leaving Steam Early Access, Gets Release Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 23, 2021 @ 2:24 a.m. PDT

Gloomhaven is a dungeon-crawling RPG featuring tactical turn-based combat, an infinitely replayable roguelike mode.

In this digital version of the board game, Gloomhaven shares a world and lore with its analog predecessor but takes on a new life as a challenging turn-based tactical RPG.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, players will struggle to survive through procedurally generated dungeons filled with deadly enemies, equipment to find, and powerful abilities to unlock, with much more in the works for the full launch.

In the digital adaptation of Isaac Childres’ ultimate strategic board game you play as a squad of 2-4 mercenaries in a world of darkness and trials. Gloomhaven is a balanced mix between tactical, RPG and dungeon-crawling. Its legendary unforgiving difficulty rewards only the best strategic-thinking players.

Seasoned adventurers will have to wisely weigh all their decisions, as every choice in Gloomhaven has consequences. The turn-based, tactical, dark fantasy game rewards strategic planning and thinking, not luck. Players will now be able to forge a new path through the dungeons of Gloomhaven, as the full game release unlocks the entire board game campaign, with 95 new stories and event missions to delve into. They can also dive into the 170 missions of the Guildmaster campaign, exclusive to the digital game and already available in the Early Access version. Over 200 hours of deliciously difficult card-based gameplay awaits - packed full of horrifying monsters, 17 one-of-a-kind mercenaries with 1000s of abilities to master, along with 100s of perks, enhancements, and gear to customize your loadout.

After two years of perfecting and polishing the game with help from the community, Gloomhaven is perfect for those who have never delved into the dungeons' dark depths before or for returning fans of the beloved board game.

Gloomhaven will be available on Steam, GoG, PC and Mac OS from October 20th for £27.79 / €34,99 / $34.99.

Key Features:

  • Discover the digital adaptation of Isaac Childres’ ultimate strategic board game.
  • Face countless enemies in the dungeons of this turn-based rogue-like game with addictive and tactical gameplay.
  • A huge variety of hero classes are available so that you can create your own custom group of formidable champions!
  • Each hero class may be played in various ways. Do you prefer the Cragheart to be soaking up damages on the frontline or crushing your enemies in a crater? It’s up to you to choose your specialty.
  • Don’t forget to consider all of your characters’ skills to create a truly epic team!
  • Also, please do not feed the development minions after midnight. Who knows what could happen?

Whether you’re exploring dreadful forests or ancient crypts, the path through Gloomhaven is paved with difficult choices. Play alone or with up to four friends in both the Campaign and the Guildmaster adventure. Gloomhaven now streamlines online co-op multiplayer allowing players to join or quit a group without blocking their friends' progression, thanks to a convenient save hosting feature.

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Gloomhaven is coming to PC (Steam, GOG) on October 20, 2021.

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