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May 2022

Police Shootout

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: PlayWay
Developer: Games Incubator
Release Date: 2022

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'Police Shootout' Playable Prologue/Demo Available - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 17, 2022 @ 9:35 a.m. PST

Based on many real stories, Police Shootout gives the player an opportunity to jump straight into Police intervention and, feel the thrill of real action.

Put on your uniform and get ready to respond the most surprising calls in your policeman’s career. Solve cases and gain experience, but also find out why a good young policeman gave up his career in a big city and moved to a small town of San Adrino.

Your name is Scott Price and you just started your first shift as police officer in a small city of San Adrino. You moved here from a bigger place where street gang fights are everyday life.

Why did a policeman like you – the one who was doing well in a big city suddenly wants to take a chance in a place like this? What are you looking for here? What is your reason? Or maybe… What is your secret?

Start your adventure with "Police: Shootout" and meet not only the main character (Scott Price), but also everyone who is important to his story. As a good policeman, you will answer even the most difficult calls. A shop robbery, or even a hostage situation - you have to be prepared for anything! But remember – it’s only up to you how you approach a specific situation.

There are many possibilities to do this right - sometimes the use of a gun is necessary, and sometimes a well-chosen argument is the best possible weapon.

Each of these situations brings you closer to finding what you’re looking for... And of course to be a better cop! The correct approach to the calls will allow you to expand your experience - the higher it is, the more benefits you’ll get. Your skills will grow the way you want, and this will allow you to complete new missions faster and more efficiently.

Right now the Steam Playtests for Police Shootout: Prologue are starting, and you have a unique opportunity to test the game.

Thanks to that development team will find and fix the bugs, which could have been left unnoticed in the beta version.

Key Features:

  • Try to get out of a bad situation peacefully, or try to trick them and push the pressure. Dialogue with criminals is not easy but if you succeed, you will be closer to receiving a new badge!
  • Use one of your weapons when you need to neutralize the criminal. You can choose aiming mode to be more precise.
  • Call for an ambulance if your partner was shot! You can’t let him down! Cover them or pass the gun or magazine to your partner.
  • You can connect to the database and use the files to make sure you caught the right person or car!
  • Arrest the criminals, save the hostages and earn more badges! Maybe you will get a promotion and more interesting actions?
  • Jump to slow motion mode to avoid bullets in hard situations.

Police Shootout is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2022.

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