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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Geography of Robots
Release Date: March 24, 2022

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'Norco' Gets Release Date, Act One/Demo Available - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 20, 2022 @ 5:08 p.m. PST

Norco is a Southern Gothic point & click narrative adventure that immerses the player in the sinking suburbs and verdant industrial swamps of a distorted South Louisiana.

Norco takes place in a gritty, distorted version of South Louisiana. While searching for your missing brother in the aftermath of your mother’s death, you’ll team up with a fugitive robot and explore the sinking suburbs, run-down strip malls, drainage ditches, and verdant industrial swamps of Louisiana's petrochemical hinterlands.

Geography of Robots blends true stories and personal history with inspirations from Southern Gothic literature and pulp fiction to create a uniquely dark and captivating game experience.

Norco's painterly and cinematic pixel art depicts real locations, reimagined with a believable twist, and draws the player into its quotidian sci-fi world of disappearing swamplands, labyrinthine oil refineries, and other landscapes inspired by the titular town of Norco, Louisiana and other parts of Greater New Orleans. Sink into the rich field recordings and sound design by fmAura and a driving, post-industrial electronic score from Gewgawly I.

What starts as a straightforward search for your missing brother quickly spirals into a multigenerational mystery. The lines between salvation, memory, technology, and nature bleed together into a uniquely compelling, contemplative narrative rooted in Southern literature, pulp fiction, and point & click adventure games both classic and contemporary.

A chaotic bayou pirate, bar-stool private detective, escaped security android, and your stuffed childhood monkey will all offer assistance in an eroding and uncertain world. Solve puzzles, fight your way past corporate security goons, and infiltrate an influencer cult squatting an abandoned mall on the outskirts of New Orleans.

Get your feet wet with the full first act of this unique Southern Gothic point-and-click narrative adventure game, available for free today as Norco Act One on Steam and Players’ progress will carry over to the full version of Norco when it releases in March.

To contribute to this mind-bending experience, the doom/sludge metal band Thou has teamed up with Geography of Robots’ composer Gewgawly I and sound designer fmAura to remix a track exclusively for the game.

“Our involvement with Norco stemmed from a deep and longtime friendship with Geography of Robots,” said Bryan Funck, lead singer of Thou. “We've always loved their sense of aesthetics and thought it would be a great fit for a video of some kind for one of our songs. This is our first time being involved with a video game on any level aside from playing them.”

You can hear a portion of that remix in today’s trailer. In addition, the band will collaborate on the game's soundtrack and other unannounced related projects.

"Thou represents an aspect of Louisiana that's close to my heart. The members know the suburbs of New Orleans and Baton Rouge well. They capture a kind of strange irreverence in their sound and visuals that's specific to the region and has influenced the game Norco,” said Yuts from Geography of Robots. ”We’ve been trying to collaborate for a while, and I'm just stoked it's finally happening!"

Norco is coming to PC (Steam / GOG) on March 24, 2022.

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