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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: ThumbAge
Developer: RoyalCrow

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'Crowz' Kicks Off 3rd Beta Weekend, Adds New Map And Game Mode

by Rainier on Jan. 21, 2022 @ 4:38 p.m. PST

Crowz is a massive free-to-play, tactical-action PvP shooter game.

Crowz is a multiplayer game where players engage in battles as a mercenary called CROW.

To survive as a hired soldier for the powerful nations, players either compete and accomplish the missions in a squad or experience major combats between factions in a disputed territory.

Countless meteorites fell all over the world one day, spurring endless conflicts between powerful nations to secure rare resources named Q-on. Off-limits to most men, mercenaries are hired for the sake of nations, swarming around the sites like a flock of crows, they begin their own battles.

Crowz adds a twist to the FPS and battle royale genre with gameplay components that have been designed to allow for more strategic and tactical battles.

Publisher Thumbage announced the 3rd phase of a global beta test for their upcoming military shooting game Crowz, running for 60 hours from January 21st, 1500 (UTC) to 24th 0300 (UTC).

Within this test (go to the Steam page and request Playtest access), they are going to reveal a new map with a new game mode called ‘Squad Operation’ which is a survive and escape mode.

The player is going to group up with 3 other players, which simply makes a Squad. And the mission objectives are very simple; collect Q-on and escape from the ‘Blue Whale’ island.

The developers are looking forward to receiving real feedback from testers of this beta to increase the quality of the game. 

They also prepared some small events for players who participated in the game and survey.

Spec for Crowz

  • Recommended spec for CROWZ: Better than I7, 16G RAM, RTX3060
  • Minimum spec for CROWZ: better than I5, 8G RAM, GTX970

The testers are chosen at random. Unfortunately, if you didn't receive the push notification, you were not selected to be a tester.

Squad Operation:

A mercenary squad is dispatched to the mission of securing Q-on in an open-world map. However, they are not the only one who are looking for the resources. They must overcome various deadly factors - conflicts with other hired soldiers, devastating environment with fallen meteorites, and side effects of forbidden drugs - and cooperation will be the key to completing the mission.

Blood Zone

Crowz, hired by powerful nations, are to be formed in a large troop and secure the Q-on extraction sites in the fields of conflict. Although seen as cold-hearted, these merciless soldiers thirsting for coins are divided into two factions and engage in a massive battlefield to obtain the resources.

Crowz is coming to PC (Steam).

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