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Valve's Handheld PC Gaming Device Steam Deck Set For February 25 Launch

by Rainier on Jan. 26, 2022 @ 10:35 a.m. PST

With a custom processor developed in cooperation with AMD, Steam Deck is comparable to a gaming laptop with the ability to run the latest AAA games.

Steam Deck brings the Steam games and features you love to a powerful and convenient form factor that you can take wherever you go.

Steam Deck is also an open PC, adding the ability to install any software or connect with any hardware, with your Steam library available as soon as you switch on your Deck. Once you've logged into Steam Deck, your entire Steam Library shows up, just like any other PC. You'll be able to find your collections and favorites - exactly where you left them.

The all-new home screen is everything you love about Steam in one place. Home is where you’ll find all the things you need—dive back into a game whether you were playing it on Steam Deck or your PC, see what’s new in your library and the store, as well as what your friends are up to.

On Steam Deck, your games run on a different operating system than the one on your desktop PC. It's a new version of SteamOS, built with Steam Deck in mind and optimized for a handheld gaming experience. It comes with Proton, a compatibility layer that makes it possible to run your games without any porting work needed from developers. For Deck, we're vastly improving Proton's game compatibility and support for anti-cheat solutions by working directly with the vendors.

On February 25th, Valve will be sending out the first batch of order emails to reservation holders. Customers will have 3 days (72 hours) from receipt of their order email to make their purchase, before their reservation is released to the next person in the queue. The first units will be on their way to customers starting the 28th, and Valve plans to release new order email batches on a weekly cadence.
In addition, Valve are sending out press units for full review shortly. Press review embargo on Steam Deck coverage will lift on February 25th, but keep an eye out for some preview coverage and impressions before that. In the meantime Valve are working to tie up the last few loose ends and polish some rough edges, and are excited to get these out to you at the end of next month!
Additional details for the curious:
  • Valve will start sending invites shortly after 10:00 am on February 25th, PST
  • Order emails are sent in the same order that reservations were made.
  • You can only order the Steam Deck model that you originally reserved.
  • Your reservation deposit will be applied to the final price of Steam Deck, and shipping costs are included.

Steam Deck details:

  • Powerful, custom APU developed with AMD
  • Optimized for hand-held gaming
  • All the Steam features you’d expect
    • Steam Chat: Your friends are all here—access Steam Chat at the push of a button.
    • Notifications: All notifications are now in one place, so you can check-in without leaving your game.
    • Cloud Saves: Start playing on a PC and pick up right where you left off on Deck or vice versa.
    • Remote Play:Stream games from your home PC directly to your Deck no matter where you are.
    • Store: The entire Steam Store experience is accessible from Deck.
    • Community: Keep up to date with friends, news, and all the latest activity from Steam
  • Full-sized controls
  • 7" touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready
  • USB-C port for accessories
  • microSD slot for storage expansion
  • 3 different storage options available: 64GB ($399), 256GB ($529) and 512GB ($649)

Steam Deck starts shipping February 25, 2022 to the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. More regions coming in 2022—stay tuned for more info.

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