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Epic Games Opens Up New Studio In Poland

by Rainier on Jan. 26, 2022 @ 11:43 a.m. PST

Epic Games announced that it is expanding their team and incubating a new game studio based in Poland, which will "focus on creating original standalone experiences that push the boundaries of graphics and game development forward."

The work is being led by a small talented team who have joined Epic from Plastic, the studio behind games such as Bound, Datura and Linger In Shadows. They will collaborate closely with the Epic Games publishing team that helps studios bring their creative visions to players around the world. 

"Our team is incredibly proud to spearhead the growth of Epic in Poland," said Michal Staniszewski, Studio Director at Epic Games. "Poland is a growing hub for the top engineering talent that we need to create amazing new gaming experiences for players around the world."

"For over twenty years, the team from Plastic has been developing some of the most ambitious and future facing projects in the Demoscene," said Hector Sanchez, Head of Epic Games Publishing. "They are an incredible group of talent who have created genre defining experiences that sit on the bleeding edge of technological advances, pushing hardware to the limits in a beautifully artistic way. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on our team and support their growth at Epic.”

The team is growing in the region and are looking for skilled engineers, animators and producers to join this exciting new team. See the full list of open positions on the Careers website.

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