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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action
Developer: 2Dynamic Games
Release Date: Q1 2023

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'Lumencraft' Early Access Update Adds New Content, PC Targets Q1 2023 Launch, Followed By Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2022 @ 1:15 p.m. PST

Lumencraft is a top-down shooter blending the elements of survival and tower defense genres.

Lumencraft is a combination of a top-down shooter, mining, and tower defense game. Dynamic lighting and almost unlimited environment destruction allow to build a unique atmosphere in Lumencraft’s survival and tactical gameplay. Fans of the classic Alien Breed or newer titles like Darkwood or Riftbreakers should feel at home in the dangerous mines of future Earth.

Dynamite is the most appropriate mining tool for this job. In the future, the survival of humanity depends on a group of miners who venture into the bowels of Earth to extract a unique resource called Lumen, also known as the last hope of humankind. But digging equipment is not enough, as the dark tunnels are infested with swarms of nightmarish creatures. There will be no time to rest. Prepare to protect your underground base from the invasion of bloodthirsty creatures at all costs.

The year is 2221. The planet's surface became uninhabitable over a century ago. Today the remains of humanity struggle to survive without electricity and light. Dreams of a better future had withered a long time ago, but a recently discovered mineral brought a spark of hope. Lumen, a crystal of high energy potency, can be the last chance for a struggling civilization. This mineral can drastically increase humanity's odds of survival.

A team of Scouts, highly specialized miners, has ventured deep below the ground. It’s almost impossible to survive there. They established a settlement near the estimated deposits of Lumen. Their mission objective is seemingly simple: excavate and collect the precious mineral. However, getting back with it to the surface alive is another story altogether. And no one has lived to tell that tale yet… Impossibly hostile caverns have proven to be a nearly impenetrable barrier so far, but they hold the key to rejuvenate the fading civilization.

The Giga Update introduces a game-changing feature — randomly generated maps, a brand new weapon ready to cause brutal carnage in the enemy ranks, 80 new Steam achievements to unlock, new translations into French, Spanish and Russian, and more.

Players can now experience Lumencrafts` tunnels like never before with roguelike procedurally generated maps, offering unique playthroughs and endless replayability. You would never know what great fortune or great danger lies ahead of you, with each level including tunnels, ore patches, enemy waves, and treasures. Luckily enough, your regular robust arsenal has been extended with a new powerful weapon, Lumenal Discharger, launching an unstoppable lightning beam that consumes Lumen ammo. The Giga Update is the best occasion to date for all scouts, veterans, and newcomers to test their skills in Lumencraft!

Key features of the Giga Update:

  • Procedural maps: from baked handcrafted maps to 100% procedurally generated roguelike levels!
  • New weapon: Lumenal Discharger - a dramatic armament charged with a lightning beam.
  • New Steam achievements: unlock 80 new achievements - some are easy and some are tricky!
  • New languages: the game is now available in French, Spanish and Russian.
  • Improvements and fixes: various UI, VFX, and sound changes.

Giga Update Details:

### Added

- added randomly generated maps
- alternative to regular maps, where each playthrough is unique
- generated features include tunnels, ore patches, enemy waves, treasures
- there are basic settings for map difficulty and length
- there are also advanced settings available where you can tweak different parameters

- new translations: French, Spanish, Russian
- added new secret weapon: Lumenal Discharger (available in the editor)

- shoots a lightning beam that automatically targets the nearest enemy and jumps between enemies
- uses Lumen as ammo
- Steam: Added 80+ new achievements:
- Long list of achievements was added. Some are progressive, and you will get them naturally by playing. Some are easy, and some are a bit … goofy. Like the one for cleaning the map of every bit of terrain. You will have to work for those.
- added option for changing game UI color
- Lab will now display a timer if Automatic Discovery was researched
- added option to change game blood color
- added dash sfx
- added player terrain collision sfx
- added blood splatters to swarm enemies
- added player recoil animations and shooting feedback
- burst fire now decrease stability
- added 2 machine gun audio sets
- repair gun now can carry items, Lumen, metal and clean debris
- added more prompts to the tutorial
- added Auto Harvest technology - makes Lumen Farm mushrooms harvested automatically at a fixed rate
- added Magnetized Storages technology - makes Storage Containers attract resources
- added Amplifying Stands technology - standing on a Stand connected to power will increase weapon damage
- Lumencraft can now be used as a default application to open .lcmap files
- added critical hit chance to weapons for 2x damage

- Steam: Added a special hidden achievement
-> get it by clicking Change Log window's title twice

### Changed

- player dash now faces direction of the dash
- balance changes, many costs changed from metal to Lumen
- requirements added for some upgrades (eg. have a building placed)
- changed dash behavior to less sliding
- increased stamina regen delay from 0.75 to 1.0
- reduced running cost from 0.5 to 0.4
- screen shake works better with gun feedback
- decreased terrain and walls destruction caused by exploding buildings
- Lab roll is cheaper (10 Lumens from 20)
- improved gate placement
- Turrets Upgrade tech split into 3 sequential upgrades
- laser sights are slightly less bright
- reworked Reactor range upgrades
- now it's called "Reactor Level" and also affects HP
- the Reactor Durability technology was removed in favor of the new system
- number of turrets is now limited by the Reactor level
- reworked building requirements
- now a building might require another building to be constructed first
- turrets will now display technology required to upgrade instead of being non-interactable
- Key item name now includes its color
- limit guaranteed weapon tech in Lab to happen only once
- buttons with many options can now be right-clicked to select previous option
- Escape will again close build menu
- if you want to pause in build menu, bind another key for Menu action
- improved positional audio at map edges, when playing in single player
- demolishing will again decrease resources dropped by building (down to 80%)
- building, upgrading etc. will now first use resources from player's inventory rather than storages

### Fixed

- fixed performance drops while switching weapons
- fixed info center showing wrong paths for some monsters
- fixed bullets drawing above weapons
- fixed one hand drawing above weapon
- Saving: Health Center healing bar is no longer always full on load
- fixed Player 2 inventory not working
- Shredder will now properly handle small amounts of items
- fixed wall interaction highlight displaying wrongly
- fixed co-op controls
- fixed wrong power socket position in Lumen Farm
- LT/RT in options is not hidden if not using joypad
- fixed not being able to cancel workshop queue or Lab research if you have insufficient resources
- optimized save storage. A slot will no longer keep copies of multiple maps
- going back from controls settings now correctly opens main options screen
- fixed Crystal GRUBAS possibly getting stuck when going with wave
- fixed resources not attracting after throwing full stack with full inventory
- fixed inventory not refreshing when another player upgraded it
- fixed Alt+Enter crash on map loading
- fixed Message Boxes not being scrollable in certain cases
- tweaked building power ranges, to make them more reliable
- optimized non-wave enemy swarms (holes, nests, standalone etc.)
- fixed Sniper Turret sprite not matching its blueprint position
- fixed stack merging when one of the stacks is full

### Editor

- added "Disable Physics?" option to chests. Useful when putting chests under monster lairs
- added Lumen Chunks
- added Chunk Slots property to the Reactor
- added event conditions: Reactor - Lumen Chunk Delivered
- added floor surface texture: Blood
- added Extra Turret Limit setting, to bypass the default turret limit
-> can be negative
- added Resource Efficiency, to customize rate of dropped resources from drilling
- Blood is now the 4th default surface floor texture. It's internally used for blood effects, so it shouldn't be changed
- fixed Destroyed event of the Reactor not triggering
- fixed tech descriptions not appearing in the Player settings tab

Key Features:

  • Dynamic lights and pixel-perfect interaction with a fully destructible terrain.
  • Atmosphere of dread created through impactful sound design and unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
  • Defending an underground settlement by direct combat and turrets.
  • Highly efficient and immensely satisfying digging mechanics.
  • Various futuristic technologies will allow to improve both your digging and killing potential.
  • Map editor and full Steam Workshop support.
  • Local co-op with Steam Remote Play support for online sessions.
  • Steam Deck support.

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Lumencraft is coming to PC (Steam) in Q1 2023, followed by Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S later in 2023..

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