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December 2022

Dragon Quest Treasures

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: Dec. 9, 2022

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'Dragon Quest Treasures' Details Treasure Dungeons And Treasure Maps - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2022 @ 5:22 p.m. PST

A completely new spinoff from the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest Treasures explores the childhood of the siblings Mia and Erik from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

Dragon Quest Treasures follows Erik and his sister Mia who live on a Viking longship, dreaming of someday exploring the world for grand treasures. One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are led to a mysterious ruin, where they come across a pair of Dragon Daggers. Upon obtaining the magical daggers, the plucky duo is whisked away to the floating continent of Draconia. This legendary land is home to monsters and countless pieces of precious loot, including seven legendary Dragonstones that are highly sought after among serious treasure hunters.

Loot can be hidden in the most fiendishly inaccessible locations, so players must recruit a variety of well-meaning monsters and make use of their unique treasure-hunting abilities. These charming creatures will help players to race over open fields, scale cliffs with a single bound, and glide over gaping chasms.

As players start their journey as Erik and Mia, they’ll learn how to fight alongside a team of monster pals and utilize their unique abilities to find hidden treasures and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. The two will also need to protect their treasure from monsters and rival gangs until they can get it back to base to be appraised. Collecting treasure will increase the player’s vault value, allowing them to expand their home base and further build up their brigade of friendly monsters.

Let's take a lookat treasure dungeons—locations whose treasures and monsters are different every time you visit!

Treasure Maps Show the Way to Treasure Dungeons

With less than a month to go until the release of Dragon Quest Treasures, we’d like to tell you about the treasure maps you’ll pick up on your adventures and the treasure dungeons they’ll lead you to. The treasures you’ll find and the monsters you’ll encounter are different every time you enter a treasure dungeon – and there are special rewards if you make it out in one piece!

If you come across a teleportal while out exploring, summon up your courage and head on in! Defeat the super-tough monsters that reside on a dungeon’s final level and you’ll earn treasure, medals and gold! You might well come across some rather rare monsters, including ones with metallic bodies and others that sparkle extravagantly!

X Marks the Spot

In Dragon Quest Treasures, you’ll come across special items known as treasure maps. These will lead you to treasure dungeons where you can earn rewards, including treasure and medals. Simply head to the island indicated by the map and start searching for the entrance to the dungeon!

Enemy monsters will occasionally drop treasure maps when defeated! Monster parties you’ve sent out on missions can also find treasure maps for you. Find a treasure map and a special quest will begin! Check the menu to see which island the dungeon is on. Search the island until you find the entrance to the dungeon – a swirling teleportal!

Treasure Dungeons Offer Rare Rewards

Treasure dungeons are formed of a series of separate rooms that you have to work through in sequence. The monsters you meet and the treasures you find there change with every visit to a dungeon. Defeat the enemies that stand in your way and grab your reward!

Defeat all the enemies in a room and the portal to the next one will appear. Some rooms contain mysterious stone pillars. Touching these pillars will affect your entire party in a number of ways. Powerful monsters await on the final level of each dungeon. Cooperate with your party to take them down! Get the better of a treasure dungeon and you’ll earn treasures, medals and gold. There are rare medals available for those who can clear dungeons quickly!

At one point in the story, Erik and Mia will acquire a special treasure map. It shows the location of a treasure dungeon whose final level is a very special space, where a mysterious – and massive – Hornbull, Sentinel of the Sands monster awaits.

This giant boss monster has some very powerful moves! Use the environment to your advantage or unleash a special move to take it down!

Dragon Quest Treasures will be available for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

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