Grand Theft Auto V

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action
Developer: Rockstar Games
Release Date: April 14, 2015

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'Grand Theft Auto Online' Concludes The Heists Event With New Challenge, GTA+ Benefits, Discounts And More

by Rainier on Nov. 22, 2022 @ 10:52 a.m. PST

Set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and the surrounding area, Grand Theft Auto V delivers a world of unprecedented scale and detail bursting with life, from mountaintops to the depths of the ocean.

When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other.

Switch between the interconnected lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin as they embark on a series of heists across Los Santos and Blaine County in the biggest, deepest and richest open world experience yet, with game world enhancements that include new wildlife, upgraded weather and damage effects, and an array of new details to discover.

Grand Theft Auto V also comes with Grand Theft Auto Online, the dynamic and ever-evolving online universe for up to 30 players, and includes all existing gameplay upgrades and content released since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rise through the ranks to become a CEO of your own criminal empire by trading contraband or form a Motorcycle Club and rule the streets. Pull off daring co-operative Heists, enter adrenaline-fueled Stunt Races, compete in unique Adversary Modes or create your own content to play and share with the entire GTA community.

The Heists Event in GTA Online reaches its epic conclusion: for one week only, players can steal their way towards a GTA$ 2 trillion cumulative take across all Heist Finales to unlock a special reward coming later this year.

Additional highlights include:

  • Heist Challenge: earn GTA$2 trillion alongside the community in Heist Finales this week to earn a special reward coming later this year
  • Double GTA$ and RP on The Pacific Standard Job, and all Setup Missions in Classic Heists
  • 1.5X GTA$ and RP on all Doomsday Heist Prep Missions
  • 2.5X GTA$ and RP on Pursuit Races, Martin Madrazo Contact Missions and Hunting Pack (Remix)
  • New Vehicle: Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody now available
  • Free Wasted! And Rampage T-Shirts to celebrate Grand Theft Auto’s 25th anniversary
  • Bodyguards and Associates earn 2.5X GTA$ this week
  • Earn The Pacific Standard Sweater for completing The Pacific Standard Job
  • Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
    • HSW Premium Test Ride: The Pfister Astron Custom
    • This week’s HSW Time Trial takes place between Textile City and Stab City
  • This week in Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom: A Metallic Ice White Bravado Buffalo STX, Maxwell Vagrant in Yellow wrapped in the Nature Reserve livery, Classic Black Vulcar Warrener HKR, Vapid Flash GT painted Metallic Red with a Classic Flags w/ Stripes livery, an a Canis Seminole Frontier in Metallic Dark Green
  • On display at the Luxury Autos Showroom: The Enus Deity and Imponte Deluxo
  • LS Car Meet Prize Ride: Earn a Vysser Neo by winning a Pursuit Series Race five days in a row
  • LS Car Meet Test Rides: Benefactor SM722, Pegassi Torero XO, and Benefactor LM87
  • Lucky Wheel Top Prize: Progen T20
  • Property Discounts: 50% off Bunker Properties, Bunker Upgrades and Modifications, and 40% off Auto Shop Properties, Auto Shop Upgrades and Modifications
  • Black Friday Discounts (Available November 25 – 28): 50% off Galaxy Super Yachts, Galaxy Super Yachts Upgrades & Modifications, Imponte Deluxo, Declasse Scramjet, Mammoth Avenger, Pegassi Toreeador Pegassi Oppresor, Pegassi Opressor MK II, Casino Penthouse Decorations, RO-86 Alkonost, and HVY Chernobog, 40% off the Imponte Ruiner 2000, Buckingham Luxor, Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, Buckingham Swift, Buckingham Swift Deluxe, Pegassi Torero XO, Benefactor SM722, and Benefactor LM87
  • Ongoing Monthly GTA+ Benefits: The Buckingham SuperVolito helicopter, Penthouse Suite 1 atop Eclipse Tower, guaranteed Panther Statue target once per week on The Cayo Perico Heist, 50% extra GTA$ on The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, The Humane Labs, Series A Funding, and The Pacific Standard Job, free Utility Vests and Bulletproof Helmets, 2X Rep on all LS Car Meet Races, and more
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$125K just for playing anytime this week. In addition, by playing anytime between November 3 and December 7, receive a one-time log in bonus of GTA$500K for being a Prime Gaming Member. Those who are also GTA+ Members will receive an additional GTA$500K on top of this bonus.

The Heists Event Culminates with an All-New Heist Challenge

Two years ago, the GTA Online community obliterated our GTA$100 billion target in The Heist Challenge and pulled down a staggering GTA$1 trillion. This year, to put a proper cap on The Heists Event, we are putting out a call across Los Santos and Blaine County for all thieves, wheelmen, hackers, and Heist tacticians to double your previous efforts.

Put your criminal instincts to the ultimate test and score big in the all-new Heist Challenge. Burgle alongside the community this week and hit a cumulative grand total of GTA$2 TRILLION to unlock a special reward coming later this year.

Take part in any Heist Finale now through November 30 to bag your part towards the community goal. Whichever Heist you’re scoping out, bear in mind that all players can earn 2X GTA$ and RP on The Pacific Standard Job this week (and also receive the Pacific Standard Sweater for completing the Finale).

There's also still 2X GTA$ and RP on all Setup Missions in classic Heists and 1.5X GTA$ and RP on all Prep Missions for The Doomsday Heist.

The Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody Available Now

The Übermacht Sentinel Classic was already the kind of rally-ready blank canvas that mod freaks only get once in a generation. Where to go from there? Only Benny knows...

Upgrade your Übermacht Sentinel Classic with a Widebody customization at Benny's Original Motor Works, available now.

Get the Wasted! and Rampage T-Shirts

You could take your hard-earned Heist money to Ponsonbys and buy yourself some new designer threads, but there’s something about free stuff that just feels right. Play GTA Online any time this week and get a pair of in-game shirts adorned with iconic symbols of Grand Theft Auto's 25-year history — the Wasted! Tee and Rampage Tee — no stolen cash required.

Collect The Pacific Standard Sweater

Successfully fleecing the bank in The Pacific Standard Job will land you a literal fleece — the rare Pacific Standard Sweater, to be precise — meaning you can mock your corporate victims, flaunt your criminal cred, and rep an international banking heavyweight all at the same time.

2.5X GTA$ and RP on Pursuit Races

A successful criminal is only as good as their last getaway. Practice evading arrest as you race against other drivers and the LSPD in Pursuit Races and get 2.5X GTA$ and RP all week long.

Bodyguards and Associates Earn 2.5X GTA$

You can’t run a company if you're six feet underground at Vinewood Cemetery. This is easily avoidable if you have trained and skilled colleagues scoping out potential threats so the CEOs can focus on what’s important — extorting the public and evading taxes. This week, the profits trickle down to Bodyguards and Associates, who’ll earn 2.5X their usual salary in the line of duty.

2.5X GTA$ and RP on Martin Madrazo Contact Missions

For businessman Martin Madrazo, the line between friend and foe is as thin as his patience. Get on his good side this week by successfully completing his Contact Missions and earning 2.5X GTA$ and RP.

2.5X GTA$ and RP on Hunting Pack (Remix) Adversary Mode

Multitasking is an acquired skill, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can juggle several things at once under the right amount of pressure — like driving the MTL Dune on a racetrack suspended in the air as Scramjets attack you from all sides.

Survive, attack, and defend in this satisfyingly chaotic Adversary Mode to earn 2.5X GTA$ and RP before it’s gone on November 30.

Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

  • Premium Test Ride: Pfister Astron Custom: Get a sneak peek at the future of road-ready vehicles by visiting Hao’s Special Works inside the LS Car Meet for a closer look at this week’s Premium Test Ride, a hyper-charged version of the Pfister Astron Custom SUV with dozens of extra horses shoved under the hood.
  • This Week’s HSW Time Trial: Test Hao’s creations on multiple terrains in this week’s HSW Time Trial, a point-to-point cruise from the concrete streets of Textile City to the dusty roads of Stab City.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Visit Simeon at Los Santos’ premiere destination for “legitimately” purchased luxury cars. Mr. Yetarian loves money — sorry, people — coming into his shop. Take these cars for a five-minute test drive, view their stats, or buy them on the spot:

  • A Metallic Ice White Bravado Buffalo STX
  • The Maxwell Vagrant in Yellow wrapped in the Nature Reserve livery
  • A Classic Black Vulcar Warrener HKR
  • The Vapid Flash GT painted Metallic Red with a Classic Flags w/ Stripes livery
  • Canis Seminole
  • Frontier in Metallic Dark Green

Luxury Autos Showroom

Try not to push your nose too hard into the glass of the Luxury Autos Showroom as you check out the stats of the Enus Deity and the Imponte Deluxo, both available for purchase directly from the shop.

Car Meet Prize Ride: The Vysser Neo

This week’s LS Car Meet Prize Ride is for winners only. Win a Pursuit Series Race five days in a row to receive the Vysser Neo, a tiny-but-mighty sports car with curves in all the right places.

Scope out the scene at the LS Car Meet to take the Benefactor SM722Pegassi Torero XO, and Benefactor LM87 for a ride at the Test Track. Go for a joyride or pump up the adrenaline in Scrambles and Time Trials. If you like what you see, purchase any of the Test Rides on the spot (all three are 40% off as part of the special Black Friday discounts running November 25 – 28).

On The Diamond Casino Podium: The Progen T20

Visit the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort to test your fortunes by spinning the Lucky Wheel. This week’s top prize is the Progen T20, a sleek, stunning hypercar so beautiful, you might start logging extra time in your garage just to look at it.


GTA+ Members can make the most of The Heists Event with a Buckingham SuperVolito helicopter and Penthouse Suite 1 atop Eclipse Towers. Plus, get a free Apartment Style change for any of the three Penthouse Suites at Eclipse Towers, as well as:

  • Guaranteed Panther Statue target once per week on The Cayo Perico Heist
  • 50% extra GTA$ on The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding, and The Pacific Standard Job
  • Free Utility Vests and Bulletproof Helmets, plus the Still Slipping Tie-dye Tee and Cap
  • 2X Rep on all LS Car Meet Races
  • Additional Member bonuses

Visit the  GTA+ website  to check out all the GTA+ Membership Benefits available through December 12. To learn more about how to make the most of your GTA+ Membership, check out the  GTA+ Guide .


Elevate your operations and find a home for your arms smuggling and vehicle businesses with 50% off Bunker Properties / Bunker Upgrades and Modifications, and 40% off Auto Shop Properties / Auto Shop Upgrades and Modifications.

Plus, enjoy 40% off the Obey Omnis e-GT, Bravado Greenwood, Dinka Kanjo SJ, and all Weapons released as part of The Contract (Compact EMP Launcher, Stun Gun, and Heavy Rifle). With your operations upgraded and your vehicle roster and arsenal stacked, you’ll want to dress the part with 50% off Chain Accessories.

Black Friday Discounts:
Ditch your tent and folding chair and skip the chaotic Black Friday lines. You won’t need them to indulge in these special Black Friday Discounts, available November 25 – 28:

  • Galaxy Super Yachts – 50% off
  • Galaxy Super Yachts Upgrades & Modifications – 50% off
  • Imponte Deluxo – 50% off
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000 – 40% off
  • Buckingham Luxor – 40% off
  • Buckingham Luxor Deluxe – 40% off
  • Buckingham Swift – 40% off
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe – 40% off
  • Declasse Scramjet – 50% off
  • Mammoth Avenger – 50% off
  • Pegassi Toreador – 50% off
  • Pegassi Oppressor – 50% off
  • Pegassi Oppressor Mk II – 50% off
  • Casino Penthouse Decorations – 50% off
  • RO-86 Alkonost – 50% off
  • HVY Chernobog – 50% off
  • Pegassi Torero XO – 40% off
  • Benefactor SM722 – 40% off
  • Benefactor LM87 – 40% off

Prime Gaming Benefits

GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$125K just for playing anytime this week. In addition, by playing anytime between November 3 and December 7, receive a one-time login bonus of GTA$500K for being a Prime Gaming Member. Those who are also GTA+ Members will receive an additional GTA$500K on top of this bonus.

All bonus GTA$ will be deposited into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours at the start of the next weekly event. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Prime Gaming and sign up.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently available for PS4, PS5 , Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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