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February 2023

Call Of The Wild: The Angler

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Expansive Worlds
Release Date: Aug. 31, 2022

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'Call Of The Wild: The Angler' Gets Norway Reserve DLC, Free Until Jan. 5th - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 15, 2022 @ 2:00 a.m. PST

Call Of The Wild: The Angler is an open world fishing experience where you ride the waters and explore a vast, atmospheric environment in search of the perfect fishing spot.

Embark on a journey to become a master angler on your own terms in Call Of The Wild: The Angler.

Explore the captivating outdoor wilderness filled with surprises, go on the hunt for elusive trophy fish, or just unwind and have fun on your own or with friends in co-op.

The world of Call Of The Wild: The Angler is filled with spectacular fishing spots and breathtaking environments, which can be explored on foot, by off-road vehicle, or boat across a vast network of waterways. Traverse the living, breathing world at your own pace, and discover winding rivers, majestic alpine peaks, turquoise-colored springs, epic hiking trails, and hidden ponds. Journey past charming outposts and soaring lookout towers as you head out for a relaxing night of fishing on the lake, or beat the sunrise for a shot at hooking that one elusive catch.

Whether you’re battling the fierce Largemouth Bass, or the hard-fighting Mountain Whitefish, the intuitive casting system in Call of the Wild: The Angler provides an engaging and immersive fishing experience. Each species has its own unique behavior and traits, and will require you to carefully counter their movements as you reel them in. Combined with a system that realistically simulates water temperatures, depths, altitude, and more to determine where fish populations will be, every catch becomes a lasting memory.

Learn and master distinct fishing techniques, and adapt your strategy to land the most impressive catches. Use a wide range of rods, and customize them with a continuously growing selection of reels, lines, floats, hooks, lures, and bait. Build your collection of equipment and gear and take on the biggest fishing challenges. Your road to mastery begins now.

Call Of The Wild: The Angler will continue to grow and evolve with regularly released free and paid content. Keep coming back for new fishing experiences and memorable catches!

With hundreds of game improvements and new features added to Call of the Wild: The Angler since launch, Expansive Worlds revealed the game’s first DLC reserve – the Norway Reserve – which they’re making free for all players to enjoy!

Available to claim for free from December 15, 2022 until January 5, 2023 on PC (Steam/Microsoft Store/ Epic Games Store), the Norway Reserve includes a whole new map to discover across three varied biomes, new activities and missions to complete, and 13 new fish species to battle and catch.

"In the months since launch, we’ve released two major game updates as well as several patches, and once again, we couldn’t have done it without the feedback we’ve received from our players. We are privileged to have one of the most supportive player communities around, and we are committed to continue improving Call of the Wild: The Angler by adding new content as well as expanding and improving on everything added so far.

Additionally, the team has worked tirelessly on the latest game update we’re calling; ‘Legends’, which will be rolling out alongside the Norway Reserve. This update offers the all-new Legendary Fish, more communication options through emotes, and many more improvements", said Paul ‘Rustchynsky, Game Director at Expansive Worlds. 

On the release of the Norway Reserve, he added, "This new reserve not only adds a vast new region to explore, but also 13 new fish species and a range of bespoke missions, offering Anglers the chance to learn new skills and add new gear and tools to their collection. And as a token of our thanks to players for their continued support, we’re making the Norway Reserve available for free until January 5th, 2023!”

New Features:

  • Free to all players until January 5, 2023: Players who already own the base game or purchase it between December 12th, 2022 and January 5th, 2023 will get the Norway Reserve for free. If you haven’t jumped in yet, now is the perfect time! 
  • A land of myths, giants and natural beauty: Based on the rugged wilderness of Norway’s unspoilt nature, the Norway Reserve offers Anglers a chance to go exploring beyond the beaten path among majestic mountains, bask in the midnight sun and marvel at the Northern Lights. When you’re not listening to tales of Trolls and Stallo, the crystal streams and thick forests offer a perfect place to unwind. 
  • New fish species: This idyllic Scandinavian backdrop might not promise you an encounter with the Midgard Serpent, but it does offer 13 new fish species to try your skills against. And with the Brown Trout, Zander, and Atlantic Salmon all growing up to impressive sizes, you’re definitely in the right place for a great catch. 
  • Fishing and beyond: Are you angling for more diverse activities? The Norway Reserve offers 60 new activities and missions, featuring fishing challenges, geocaching missions, scavenger hunts, and a unique narrative mission as well as collectibles scattered across the varied biomes of Nøkkensjøen, Huldraskogen, and Fossegrimfjorden. 

As ever, Call of the Wild: The Angler is developed in close collaboration with our community – it grows and evolves thanks to player feedback, and we cannot wait to hear what you think of the Norway Reserve as well as ‘Legends’, and what you are looking forward to seeing next!

Key Features:

  • Explore an Atmospheric Open World: Discover breathtaking fishing spots across sprawling waterways by foot, boat, or off-road vehicle. Traverse a living world at your own pace, discovering winding rivers, soaring peaks, hidden ponds and springs, and epic hiking trails.
  • Feel the Genuine Thrill of Freshwater Fishing: Battle fierce Largemouth Bass, Mountain Whitefish and more in an engaging, accessible fishing experience. Each species has its own unique behavior, requiring you to carefully counter their movements to reel them in.
  • Become a Master Angler: Learn expert techniques and adapt your strategy to land the most challenging catches. Build out your collection of gear and use a wide range of rods, fully customizable with a growing selection of reels, lines, floats, hooks, lures, and bait.
  • Play Solo or With Friends: Ride the open waters on your own or share the journey with friends in online drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer for up to 12 players. Team up with fellow anglers and go on unforgettable journeys together!
  • Enjoy an Evolving Stream of New Content: Call of the Wild: The Angler will continue to deliver memorable new fishing experiences with regular post-launch content updates.

Call Of The Wild: The Angler is available for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store/ Epic Games Store), with consoles to follow at a later time.

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