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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Luminous Productions
Release Date: Jan. 24, 2023

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'Forspoken' Playable PlayStation Demo Available - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 8, 2022 @ 6:01 p.m. PST

Forspoken transports players to a world filled with beauty and dismay as they set upon a thrilling story-led, action-packed adventure which can be twisted, tempestuous and forbidding.

In A World Not Her Own

Where Resolve Will Be Tested

Truths Will Be Questioned

And Devotions Will Be Doubted

She Will Rise.

Forspoken is an action RPG where you will take on the role of Frey Holland, an ordinary young woman who must harness her magical abilities to survive in a fantastical and dangerous land called Athia. As Frey, you will embark on a thrilling, other-worldly adventure and face treacherous trials to unravel the mystery behind the unknown land of Athia and awaken something much more from within.

Forspoken will harness the full power of the console and demonstrate Luminous Productions’ philosophy to provide a gaming experience like never before, fusing together the latest technology with creativity.

At The Game Awards, Square Enix and Luminous Productions debuted a new trailer for Forspoken and announced the immediate release of a free playable demo for the game on the PS5.

The demo allows players to experience the unique magical enhanced combat and parkour ahead of Forspoken’s launch.

The trailer provides a deeper look at the devastating effects of the Break, a powerful and mysterious force that corrupts everything it touches, including the inhabitants of Athia and the Tantas, the once benevolent matriarchs who now rule the lands as evil and maddened sorceresses.
Players will experience the corruption first-hand in the demo and can expect to face-off with a variety of enemies and test their fighting abilities with an extensive arsenal of attack and support magic that will prepare them for the high-octane action they will encounter when the full game launches next month.

Players can also tune in to see new gameplay during the upcoming Forspoken stream on December 9, 2022 at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST with Ella Balinska as she dives deeper into the world of Forspoken with new and exclusive gameplay footage.

Key Features:

  • The Odyssey of a Reluctant Hero: Lead Frey on an unforgettable journey in her search for a way home after being mysteriously transported to a breathtaking, fantastical land. Unravel the mysteries of Athia as Frey travels through the calamitous Break and discovers how to wield an immense power.
  • A Beautiful and Cruel Open-World: Explore the sprawling realms of Athia, a striking land of remarkable vistas and otherworldly creatures brought to life through stunning graphics and cutting-edge technology. Venture deep into corrupted territories where a mysterious darkness defiles everything it touches.
  • Customizable Arsenal of Spells: Take on twisted monsters in magical combat with a wide range of powerful abilities catering to a variety of playstyles – from fast-paced and exhilarating to strategic and methodical.
  • Intuitive, Magic-Enhanced Parkour: Scale walls, vault across canyons, leap from dizzying heights, and dash through vast landscapes. Frey's unique abilities allow her to fluidly traverse the open world with ease.

Forspoken is coming to PS5 and PC on January 24, 2023.

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