Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Netmarble Games
Developer: Netmarble Games

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'HypeSquad' Alpha Test In June, Accepting Sign-ups - Trailer

by Rainier on May 16, 2022 @ 4:46 p.m. PDT

HypeSquad is a free-to-play fast paced Battle Royale shooter where players teaming up to survive in intense and creative close-quarters combat.

HypeSquad features a diverse cast of characters, each with different backgrounds and motivations, and an assortment of unique melee and ranged options that players can choose for multiple weapon combinations. There are also several items and upgrades awaiting players on the field to boost their performance, including support items and augmenters, allowing players to creatively personalize their combat style in order to lead their squad to victory.

Lastly, HypeSquad’s interactive objects, like zip lines and jump pads among other objects, add a layer of strategy for players to consider as they strive to be victorious on the battlefield.

The path to true paradise lies beyond Cagliostro. Team up with the best and work together to survive!

Netmarble announced an alpha test for HypeSquad will be available through Steam from June 13 through June 20 and interested players can pre-register on the game’s official website.

During the alpha test period, players will battle it out on a new map called Cagliostro featuring two game modes:

  • Survival Mode: Up to 60 players can join squads where a force field begins to shrink over time from outside the map, closing in on the safe zone
  • Conquest Mode: Up to 60 players can join squads where the teams that do not hold a base by the end of the round will be eliminated

In addition to experiencing never-before-seen “Special Event Modes”, players will receive a Ride Skin reward upon joining the alpha test. This special item will be given to all players who participated in the testing period which can be used upon the game’s official launch. The alpha test will be supported in 9 languages including English, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish and multiple servers are located around the world including North America, Korea, Singapore, Brazil and Germany.

Key Features:

  • [A Huge Cast Of Characters]: Select from a distinct group of heroes, each with different backgrounds and motivations! Righteous captain of an assault squad? Tenacious scout? The choice is yours.
  • [A Full Arsenal]: Find unique melee and ranged weapons, then equip two for battle. Freely switch between your two weapons in combat and lead your squad to victory. Master your favorite weapon combinations and use them to turn the tide of battle.
  • [60-player Matchmaking]: Join a 3-Player squad in a 20-Squad battle. Strategize with your squad, revive fallen squadmates, and be the last squad standing.
  • [Numerous Items and Upgrades]: HypeSquad features various items and upgrades. Use the perfect battle support item at the right time to neutralize the enemy, take a base, then upgrade your augmenters with the resulting resources to be one step closer to victory.
  • [Strategic Gameplay Using In-game Objects]: HypeSquad features many objects to interact with. Go fast using a zipline to take a strategic position, or use jump pads to shake off an enemy during a risky fight. These features are more crucial to your victory than you can imagine.

HypeSquad is in development for PC (Steam).

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