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Lightyear Frontier

Platform(s): PC, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Amplifier Game Invest
Developer: Frame Break
Release Date: Spring 2023

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'Lightyear Frontier' Reveals More Game Details, Planned For Spring 2023 - Trailer

by Rainier on June 12, 2022 @ 11:31 p.m. PDT

Lightyear Frontier is an open-world farming exploration game with crafting, resource management and base building, wrapped in a mystery-driven narrative with a cosmic country soundtrack.

Lightyear Frontier invites you to grow a cornucopia of cosmic resources and use your fresh harvest to improve your mech equipment. As you become a seasoned farmer with a souped-up mech, you’ll soon be able to grow rare plants and further explore previously inaccessible environments… and maybe uncover a mystery on this new planet. 

Blending farming features with crafting, resource management, and base building, Lightyear Frontier’s alien planet is yours to transform and mould. While you’ll be safe on this new planet (thanks to the advice of PIP-3R, your trusty scanner satellite), your crops will need all the help they can get: from dealing with the ever-changing weather to keeping the local wildlife away, you will need to take a few precautions to safeguard your home on this new frontier.

Play 1-4 players in online co-op, discover and grow alien plants, domesticate wildlife, endure the elements and build your new home away from home.

Make use of the environment to craft and build your farm.  Find and grow new resources on your own.  Cultivate your crops with farming mechanics like you’ve never seen before. Use your harvest to improve your mech and venture further into the planet’s exotic ecosystem.

Originally targeted for Early Access launch in 2022, Frame Break and Amplifier Game Invest revealed that Lightyear Frontier will launch on Xbox and PC in Spring 2023, and will be available day one via Game Pass.

“We’re beyond excited to share what we feel is a fresh take on the farming genre, taking aspects from what’s normally quite hectic games like shooters and survival games and recontextualising them in a chill and peaceful experience. We can’t wait to get our game into players’ hands and see what they will create,” said Frame Break CEO Joakim Hedström.

“The vision that Frame Break has for Lightyear Frontier is unique, and we are excited to support them on a project that breaks new, interstellar ground in the farming adventure genre. Stay tuned for Gamescom in August where we will be sharing even more exciting news about our plans for Lightyear Frontier,” commented Amplifier Game Invest Head of Publishing Denis Ferrier.

Combining the utility of a mech with the peaceful experience of starting a farm, the world of Lightyear Frontier is full of mystery and wonder. Add new plants to your harvest as you travel through the planet’s environments, uncovering ancient secrets and making new friends along the way. Establish your presence in harmony with nature, using tech research to create a sustainable and successful farm.

Building Your New Home

Construct your home as you see fit, starting with a basic set of blueprints for your farm plots and other utility-focused buildings. After gathering new materials on your adventures, you can research more structures to add onto your home, using new technologies to expand your farm and upgrade your mech. On top of that, you can spruce things up by decorating your homestead with things like different color schemes and fencing! Not bad for a home on a brand-new range.

Alongside the core parts of your farm, your building research will also progress into more involved functions, like material processing and ranching. When all these pieces come together, it makes for a well-run plot of land, making sure that you’re making the most of your day while not having to worry about basic tasks.

Farming the Alien Fields

Utilizing your surroundings is key to starting a good homestead! Gather alien seeds as you explore the wilds of this new planet. Start out by creating your basic farming plot, use the Seed Shooter to sow the seeds, and water the plot to get your first harvest going. With enough research, you’ll gain access to bigger plots, fertilizer, and other tech to help grow a sustainable and high-quality field.

Occasionally, the planet’s weather will work in your favor through heavy rainfall, though harsh weather can also negatively affect and even damage your crops. Each plant has different growth conditions and needs, so be sure to keep an eye on their health! Once they’ve matured, these alien plants can be sold or used as materials for components. These components can be crafted into mech modules, buildings, and more.

Setting Out for the Horizon

Beyond your landing site, you’ll find a vibrant world. Though you only start with basic bipedal movement and jump boosters, your mech can cover a lot of ground, traveling through environments that have their own distinct weather, flora, and fauna. While your legs alone might not be able to navigate every environment, after doing research, you’ll have access to more transportation modules. Pick up some treads or give your boosters extra power and head back out into the deeper wilds!

There’s more to this planet than just nature, though; nestled into the terrain, you’ll come across ancient structures that hold untold secrets. Your research will find new ways to learn more about the origin of these structures, as well as how to unlock the barriers that seal them shut. What lies beneath the surface?

Key Features:

  • Venture into the unknown, discover ancient ruins, and uncover the secrets of your planet to decipher a message that has waited for eons to be heard.
  • Customize and improve your very own tractor mech with an assortment of unique mech parts to overcome the planet’s obstacles and maintain your exofarm.
  • Play solo or with up to 3 friends with online crossplay, making it easy to build your exofarm together or simply give a tour of your planet.
  • Discover and cultivate a wide range of exotic plants to grow your own resources and create a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Domesticate different species of alien wildlife with a complete breeding and genetics system.
  • You are free to build anywhere and customize your farm to your liking. A plethora of constructs and cosmetic tools allow you to build the exofarm of your dreams. Don’t forget to take a break between exploration and farmwork.
  • Endure a multitude of weather conditions and other environmental hazards through four distinct seasons and take the necessary precautions to save your harvest. 
  • Join an interstellar neighborhood, partner up with your local scanner satellite and befriend your off-planet neighbors.
  • Follow a mystery-driven narrative and explore ruins left behind by unknown entities.
  • Relax to a chill cosmic country soundtrack with just the right mix of space and country vibes to immerse yourself in the exploration of the Lightyear Frontier.

Lightyear Frontier is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam) in Spring 2023, and will be available day one via Game Pass.

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