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August 2022

Espire 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Developer: Digital Lode
Release Date: November 2022

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'Espire 2' Reveals More Details About The Sequel's New Playable Frames - Trailer

by Rainier on June 16, 2022 @ 4:50 p.m. PDT

Espire 2 combines the tactical precision of modern stealth titles with the unprecedented immersion of VR, further expanding upon the experience of its predecessor.

In the world of Espire 2, advanced military and virtual reality technologies meet, allowing Espire Agents to take on the role of a super spy, piloting deadly Espire Model 1 Operative espionage droids remotely from the safety of the Control Theatre. Set in the year 2036, Espire 2 marks the return of Espire Agent POE (the Primary Operator of Espire).

After emerging from a seven-year coma, POE is thrust back into the world of dark espionage as the centerpiece of the Espire project. Now, with the help of two bleeding-edge droids called “Frames”, and an all-new arsenal of weapons and tools, POE must embark on a mission to eliminate the global threat imposed by the deadly terrorist organization, OPHIS.

Developer Digital Lode has big plans to expand upon the success of the original Espire 1: VR Operative, adding a wealth of new features and improvements to Espire 2's gameplay. 

In this development update, the team at Digital Lode discusses the title’s new and updated playable Espire models known as frames. Hear behind-the-scenes details on the creation and enhancement of each unique frame, their impact and advantages on gameplay, and the inventive techniques used to create an immersive experience while controlling them within a VR space.

Each Espire frame is suited with its own abilities and attributes, offering strategic benefits for players to discover while playing through Espire 2’s campaigns. The first of the two frames, known as “Sinder”, is an upgraded and enhanced model of the original frame from Espire 1: VR Operative. Sinder is tall, fast, and strong, featuring a built-in tranq launcher as its special ability and an iron-sights cam as its special weapon function. The all-new second frame, known as “Sooty”, is a much more compact frame capable of traversing through smaller pathways, proving that size matters when it comes to tactical advantage. “Sooty” is equipped with a noise-maker for distracting enemies and a holo-sight beam as its special weapon function. Additionally, For the first time in the Espire series, players will have the option to control and switch between the two Espire frames throughout missions, adding further strategic depth and replayability.

Key Features:

  • Immersive Single Player Campaign: Take on missions across the globe in sandbox environments designed to allow the player total freedom over their play style. Sneak past guards, create distractions, and think strategically to achieve objectives or charge forward, guns blazing. Espire 2 offers the thrill of both stealth and action-focused strategies to each area, all presented with immersive VR technology.
  • Multiplayer Co-op campaign: Players can now team up with a fellow operative in a new multiplayer co-op campaign that bridges the gap between Espire 1 and Espire 2.
  • Control Multiple Espire Frames: For the first time, players can control and can switch between two unique Espire frames. Each frame is suited with their own special abilities and attributes, offering strategic benefits for players to discover while playing through both of Espire 2’s campaigns.
  • Unique Gadgets: The player’s entire array of tools and gadgets is now fully integrated into the Espire frames, offering a vast variety of accessible options for handling objectives before they even draw their weapon.
  • Rule the Play Area: Espire Vision gives Agents a strategic, accessible view of the situation, allowing players to see through walls, mark the location of enemies, predict patrol paths, and more.
  • Voice commands: Players can utilize voice commands to distract, hold up and interrogate the enemy. Interrogation commands include “empty your pockets” and “where are your friends?” Espire 2 can be played without voice commands, if players prefer.
  • Cutting Edge Graphics and Spatial Audio: Espire 2 boasts next generation VR graphics and spatial audio systems that will take full advantage of the power of the Meta Quest 2.
  • Stealth AI System: The stealth AI system has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on core stealth mechanics, enemy engagements and player agency, bringing even more depth to Espire 2’s variety of gameplay options.
  • Immersion and Presence: Thanks to Espire 2’s accurate “arm IK” system, players see their virtual forearms where their real ones would be and experience VR interactions in lifelike detail.
  • Enhanced Control Theatre: The technology behind the “Control Theatre” lies at the heart of the Espire 2’s movement and control system. Utilizing the Meta Quest 2’s additional rendering capabilities, the innovative “Control Theatre” comfort system makes its return in Espire 2, with enhanced features, a new user interface, and easier accessibility. This “VR within VR” system allows for precise full freedom of movement, maintains immersion, and also eliminates “VR motion sickness” for almost all players. The Control Theatre is fully customizable to suit the player’s level of comfort, up to fully disabled for those already comfortable moving in VR.

Espire 2 is scheduled to release for Meta Quest 2 (Meta Store) in November 2022.

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