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Xbox Kicks Off Summer Game Fest Demo Event, Showing Off 34 Games

by Rainier on June 21, 2022 @ 5:03 p.m. PDT

The 3rd annual ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo event runs from June 21 through June 27, giving you a chance to play 30 demos of upcoming for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox On titles.

Just like last year’s Summer Game Fest Demo event, you can download and play these in the comfort of your own home (and favorite pjs!) between June 21st – 27th.

These demos will only be up on the Xbox Dashboard for a week. Some might be re-published to the Demo channel later, but many will simply disappear at the end of the week, so check them out while you can.

These “game demos” are not the norm. Typically, the demos you see in our Demo channel are created after the game is completed (or nearly completed) and represents an almost final to final version. Think of these as akin to “show floor demos” and not necessarily indicative of the final product. What that means is that you’ll get to experience these games early – some way early – which is awesome since you’ll have the chance to provide your feedback! You should also note that these games will continue to evolve and be polished as they near release.

Below is a list of games, and their developers, participating in the ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo event:

  • Another Crusade (Dragon Vein Studios)
  • Ato (Tiny Warrior Games)
  • Batora: Lost Haven (Stormind Games)
  • BattleCakes(Volcano Bean)
  • Boxville(Triomatica Games)
  • BROK the InvestiGator(COWCAT)
  • Broken Pieces (Elsewhere Experience)
  • Despot’s Game (Konfa Games)
  • Doodle God Evolution (JoyBits Games)
  • Endling – Extinction is Forever (Herobeat Studios), pre-order available now
  • Exhausted Man (Candleman Games)
  • Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess (Playtra Games)
  • Grotto (Brainwash Gang)
  • Lost Ruins (Altari Games), available now
  • Metal: Hellsinger (The Outsiders)
  • MUSYNX (MUSYNX Studio)
  • Nummels (Plattnip), available now
  • Overpass: Rhythm Roadtrip (Studio Bean)
  • Overrogue(EXE-CREATE), pre-order available now
  • PolyFury(Wayfarer Games)
  • RE:CALL(maitan69)
  • Richman10 (Softstar Technology)
  • Sail Forth (David Evans Games)
  • Severed Steel(Greylock Studio)
  • Shadowrun Returns(Codeglue)
  • Spiderheck (Neverjam)
  • Strings Theory (BeautifulBee)
  • Strong Moon (Chihuas Games)
  • Stuffed (Waving Bear Studio)
  • Terror of Hemasaurus (Loren Lemcke)
  • Tinykin(Splashteam)
  • Wave Break (Funktronic Labs)
  • Wreck Out(Four5Six)
  • Ynglet(Nifflas’ Games)

The developers would love to hear what you think. Hit them up on social media or through their websites. If you like the game – tell them! If you have constructive criticism, they would love to hear that too.

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