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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Omeda Studios

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'Predecessor' Developer Obtains $20M Series A Funding, Early Access Planned For Later This Year

by Rainier on July 2, 2022 @ 12:59 p.m. PDT

Predecessor is a fast paced third-person MOBA where players choose from a cast of powerful heroes with unique abilities and distinct roles.

Become a wrecking ball and wreak havoc upon enemies in visceral melee combat, or rain damage and destruction from afar using powerful weapons and abilities. The third-person aspect creates never before seen interactions in the genre as players jump, fly or teleport over the environment, using their skill and cunning in completely new ways to assassinate the enemies or support allies.

Founded in January 2020 by gaming influencer Robbie Singh, along with Andrea Garella and Steven Meilleur, Omeda Studios is a London-based game studio that is well positioned for success in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) market.

Omeda started building its first game, Predecessor, in 2018 using assets from Epic’s Paragon after it was made available for user generated content and is one of only a few MOBA games that supports cross-platform play (PC and console).

“Over the past year we’ve been working together with our community to really define what a MOBA looks like in today's day and age. Having a close relationship with our community has allowed us to iterate fast and I think people are going to be extremely excited when they get their hands on the game in Early Access,” said Robbie Singh, founder and CEO of Omeda Studios. “We decided to raise our Series A to accelerate development after the success from our earlier playtests; however, we weren’t just looking for money. What was most important to us was finding a partner who shared our vision for how we wanted to make games and believed in the power of community. When we met Brian Sheth, his team at Haveli and Thomas Vu, it was clear that we all felt the same about the future of games.”

Brian Sheth, Founder, CEO of Haveli said: “Robbie and his team have built an engaged community and game using a player-first approach that is incredibly exciting and holds the potential to rapidly become part of the pantheon of the great MOBAs. All of us at Haveli are looking forward to the great things to come from Robbie and Omeda.” 

Thomas Vu, General Partner at Moon Holdings, and former Head of Creative and Franchise Development at Riot Games said: “I could not be more energized to invest in, guide and support Robbie and everyone at Omeda. What’s more, having spent time working with the Omeda team and on Predecessor itself reminds me very much of the early days at Riot working on League of Legends.” 

Robbie also shared, “Thomas has been an integral part of League of Legends and then asExecutive Producer on the Netflix hit series, Arcane, he really showed us that we weren’t just partnering with someone who had great ideas but someone who knows what it takes to execute on those ideas.”

Predecessor will be released into Early Access later this year.

Predecessor is currently in development for PC and console.

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