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Once Human

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: NetEase

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'Once Human' Reveals New Upgrade of the Building System and Monster Background Story - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 10, 2022 @ 2:55 p.m. PDT

Once Human is a sandbox survival game where you, as Meta-Human, need to survive in the harsh environment with swarms of enemies and rebuild the human civilization after the world was changed by the apocalypse.

Aberrant particles stayed dormant in the nether, waiting for the call of the Great One and driving the world into madness; one day, scientists opened a gate … Following a New Weird style, Once Human combines the rationality in science with the mysteries of the unknown. In a precarious world where all common sense is distorted, will humanity fall into the abyss or thrive on adversity?

To survive in the wasteland, humans must unite in groups. With coldblooded research nuts, honest yet simple civilians, violent lunatics, optimistic dreamers and lone wolves, factions are formed. Among these factions, five attract the most attention: Rosetta, Blackfell, Vulture, Guerilla, and Mayfly.

Plant, animal and human infected by Stardust will transform into disfigured monsters called Aberrant. Once polluted by Stardust, the host will be swept along to join the evolution route of Stardust while the winner becomes an advanced organism and the failed ones decay to dust. In early state, Aberrants may not be too aggressive, but as time goes, they will be driven wholly by the desire to evolve and show their cruel nature.

With multiple weapon choices from handgun to submachine gun, players may excel in hardcore battles with their most handy firearm. What's more, your favorite gun actually grows with you! Use gun perk to make a killing machine out of your weapon. Use lethal weapons and unleash destructive skills to fight your way out. Battles can take place almost anywhere in Nalcott. With Aberrant, Rosetta and Vultures rampaging about, you are never short of enemies.

In the Stronghold Contest, Defender and Attacker battle to take control of the Beacon Area in the middle stronghold, and capture progress will accumulate when the area is free of the opposite team. Whoever seizes the area is the winner.

Various landscapes, realistic weather changes, and distinctive features. From desert to forest, Once Human offers a glimpse of the world taken over by nature and otherworldly creatures.

The Once Human development team has revealed the latest development progress on building system and the background story of the monster Arachsiam.

More DIY options in the Building System

Building system with high degree of freedom is one of Once Human’s attractive essence. Players can build their territories anywhere in the world: desert, forest, mountain valley, etc. Now, the development team has added more DIY options in the building system to ignite players’ architectural creativity. Three different sets of building structures with different materials are now available to all players to choose from. Players may keep their wooden cabin to maintain a vacation flavor. Or they may upgrade their house to a stone mansion or even an aluminum safe house.

Upgrade version of the structures

In Once Human, upgrading territory building structures also strengthens the defense of the buildings against enemies. However, players are free to create any mix-match of building blocks satisfying their own aesthetics. A colorful tiled roof may go well with an aluminum-framed fence, that is both pleasant visually and tough against a roaming aberrant.

In the meantime, the Once Human development team always welcomes players to share in the game community any ideas about what building structures they would like to have in their territory. For sure, there will soon be more customizable home decorations and building blocks available in game.

Defensive system is available now

It is never enough for the players to hide from enemies behind tough walls and fences. One day, they will have to actively fight back! And now, Once Human has successfully integrated customizable defensive structure buildings in Stronghold Conquest. Players can now construct a variety of defensive structures and use them against other Beyonders during combats. Some of these structures provide covers for teammates and protections for the HIVE beacon, some block enemy’s sight, and others are powerful automatic turrets bringing doomsday to the enemy frontline. Fortifying territories and strongholds with some strategies and it will no doubt be the enemy’s worst nightmare.

Arachsiam: the cunning, formidable predator

In the recent update, Once Human introduced to all players a new powerful aberrant monster from another dimension: the Arachsiam. As one of the most formidable monsters of the game, Arachsiam, the giant spider, is also extremely cunning. Hiding in humid and dark places like all spiders, it dwells in the deeps of mountains and canyons.

Researchers believe that it used to be from a normal spider species. But the Stardust infection connected it with other dimensions, distorted its shape, and empowered it into a Great One.

Arachsiam's most distinguishing feature, aside from its unusual size, is the human skull on its front, a byproduct of its distorted growth. Mother Arachsiam would paralyze prey and bring it to the end of its cavern for its baby to parasitize, and the baby will live in the host’s head, absorbing energy until it is big enough to hunt on its own. By then, the body of the prey is withered and fallen apart. Yet the skull of it remains to become a part of the young Arachsiam’s body. And, since humans are the most preferred prey for Arachsiam, most of these grotesque creatures wear human skulls, both as their trophy and a warning sigh to any creature nearby.

Arachsiam is also highly protective of its territory. It rarely leaves its habitat, spending most of its time knitting a giant web that may extend for miles and patiently waiting for its prey. When its body senses the tiniest vibrations on its web, it moves swiftly and silently through its territory to capture the unlucky creature. The venom stored in its abdomen contains neurotoxins that can instantly paralyze its prey. Be sure to be well-prepared before stepping into Arachsiam’s dimension. Any trespass into its territory will be considered as a death sentence. The development team are eagerly waiting for players to team up and challenge this formidable yet cunning boss!

According to the development team, the game will launch a new beta test in the next few months. And then, all the new releases above will be ready for players to experience in game. Follow the official website and Discord to keep track of the latest development and test information.

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