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GeForce NOW Adding 38 New Games In August, 13 Titles This Week

by Rainier on Aug. 4, 2022 @ 6:00 a.m. PDT

GeForce NOW taps into the thriving PC gaming ecosystem by streaming games from NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud, this week adding 13 new titles to its library.

When you fire up your favorite game, you’re playing it instantly. That’s what it means to be Game Ready on GeForce NOW. The experience has been optimized for cloud gaming and includes Game Ready Driver performance improvements. NVIDIA manages the game updates and patches. And when a game supports RTX, you can play it on GeForce NOW with beautifully ray-traced graphics and DLSS 2.0.

The GeForce NOW library is ever-growing. In an effort to help spotlight the games that are coming to the service, we’re moving to a monthly cadence for announcing new instant access games. Games will continue to be released every week – with new game launches available day-and-date, and back catalog games released each Thursday – but our members, and your readers, will now be able to learn about what’s coming a little further in advance.

It’s the first GFN Thursday of the month and you know the drill — GeForce NOW is bringing a big batch of games to the cloud.

Get ready for 38 exciting titles like Saints Row and Rumbleverse arriving on the GeForce NOW library in August. Members can kick off the month streaming 13 new games today, including Retreat to Enen with RTX ON.

Arriving in August

This month is packed full of new games streaming across GeForce NOW-supported devices. Gamers have 38 new titles to look forward to, including exciting new releases like Saints Row and Rumbleverse that can be played on Macs only via the power of the GeForce cloud.

Members will be able to visit the Weird Wild West of Santo Ileso, a vibrant city rife with crime in Deep Silver’s explosive franchise reboot of Saints Row. Embark on criminal ventures as the future Boss, form the Saints with allies Neenah, Kevin and Eli, take down competing gangs, and build your criminal empire to become truly Self Made.

Gamers will also be able to throw down in Rumbleverse, a new, free-to-play, 40-person Brawler Royale where anyone can be a champion. Customize your fighter by mixing and matching unique items and launch your way into the battlefield, streaming at full PC quality to mobile devices.

RTX 3080 members will also be able to play these and the other 1,300+ titles in the GeForce NOW library streaming in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, or 1440p at 120 FPS on PC and Mac native apps.

Catch the full list of games coming to the cloud later this August:

  1. Tyrant’s Blessing (New release on Steam, Aug. 8)
  2. Farthest Frontier (New release on Steam, Aug. 9)
  3. Arcade Paradise (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Aug. 11)
  4. Rumbleverse (New release on Epic Games Store, Aug. 11)
  5. Cult of the Lamb (New release on Steam, Aug. 11)
  6. Thymesia (New release on Steam, Aug. 18)
  7. Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 (New release on Steam, Aug. 22)
  8. Fallen Legion Revenants (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Aug. 23)
  9. Saints Row (New release on Epic Games Store, Aug. 23)
  10. The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation (New release on Steam, Aug. 25)
  11. F1 Manager 2022 (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Aug. 30)
  12. Scathe (New release on Steam, Aug. 31)
  13. Mondealy (New release on Steam, Aug. 31)
  14. Century: Age of Ashes (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  15. Clanfolk (Steam)
  16. Coromon (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  17. Dark Deity Name (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  18. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Steam)
  19. HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  20. Infinite Lagrange (Steam)
  21. Last Call BBS (Steam)
  22. Lumencraft (Steam)
  23. Phoenix Point (Epic Games Store)
  24. Plague Inc: Evolved (Steam)
  25. Rebel Inc: Escalation (Steam)

Play New Games Today

Great gaming in August starts with 13 new games now ready to stream.

RTX 3080 and Priority members can play titles like Retreat to Enen with RTX ON support for beautiful, cinematic graphics. RTX 3080 members also get perks of ultra-low latency and maximized eight-hour gaming sessions to enjoy all of the new gaming goodness.

Catch all of the games ready to play today:

Say Bye to July

In addition to the games announced in July, an extra 13 joined over the month: 

And a few games announced last month didn’t make it, due to shifting of their release dates:

  • Grimstar: Welcome to the Savage Planet (Steam)
  • Panzer Arena: Prologue (Steam)
  • Turbo Sloths (Steam)
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