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August 2022

It's A Wrap!

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: AMC Games
Developer: Chanko Studios

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'It's A Wrap!' Publishing Picked Up By AMC Games, Shows Off Gameplay - Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 4, 2022 @ 5:00 a.m. PDT

It's A Wrap! is a 2D puzzle platformer set in 1980s Hollywood, where you play both the director and the star of action-packed, low-budget films.

Figure out the perfect timing of props, actors, and special effects as the Director. Then jump into the scene as the movie's star in a traditional 2D puzzle platformer. All you wanted to do today was shoot a nice little popcorn movie, but everything is going wrong!

In It’s A Wrap! the player directs and stars in (low-budget) Hollywood films, where things on set just aren’t going as planned. As director, the player must skillfully maneuver the timing of actors, props, and special effects with a unique “timeline editing” interface; the main puzzle of each level is figuring out how to set up the perfect take before the action even begins.

Then when cameras roll, the player takes control of film star Johnny Rush, guiding him through calamitous platforming runs and epic vehicular stunts... all while attempting to keep him in one piece. Most of the time, poor Johnny bites the dust in a cartoonish blaze of glory—but fear not! Movie magic lets the player rewind and reshoot until the scene is finally a wrap.

Developer Chanko Studios announced that it has partnered with publisher AMC Games to release It’s A Wrap! Alongside the publishing announcement, the partners revealed plans to exhibit a playable demo of It’s A Wrap! at BitSummit 2022 and released an action-packed gameplay trailer fit for the silver screen.

The freshly cut gameplay trailer reveals a combination of challenging puzzle-solving, satisfying 2D platforming, and heaps of 80s nostalgia.

It’s A Wrap! is our homage to the cinema of the 80s, mixed with our love for mind-boggling puzzles and quirky characters,” said Guillaume Bernard and Dominik Schwäger, Co-Founders of Chanko Studios. “We’re delighted to have the support and entertainment savvy of AMC Games as we introduce our passion project to audiences around the world.”

"Before AMC became synonymous with prestige television, the network was (and still is) a place to watch some of the biggest, best popcorn movies of every era," said Clayton Neuman, Vice President of Games for AMC. "It’s A Wrap! is the perfect complement to that pedigree, a brilliant and sometimes brain-bending paean to the spirit of filmmaking that's been pleasing audiences in droves for decades. We can't wait to put our players in the director's chair."

For players who can’t wait to catch their big break, the It’s A Wrap! demo is available now on Steam.

Key Features

  • Director’s Phase. Grab your megaphone and hop into the director’s chair to puzzle your way through the timing of props, actors, and special effects to make your scene work—and keep your star in one piece.
  • Action Phase. When you think you’ve got your scene set up correctly, roll the cameras and enjoy a variety of traditional 2D gameplay like platforming, car chases, and space battles where you control the movie star Johnny Rush in his most iconic roles.
  • A hundred colorful ways to “die”. Every time you fail, poor Johnny—who does not have a stunt double—will suffer a hilarious demise inspired by classic cartoons and adventure games. But don’t worry about long-lasting injuries, just rewind back to the beginning of the scene and try again!
  • Heaping spoonfuls of nostalgia. Each level is part of a movie with its own unique genre and look inspired by the biggest blockbusters of the 80s. See if you can spot all the references to your favorite fictional professors of archaeology, space wizards, and retired soldiers on the run from the law!

It's A Wrap! is in development for PC (Steam).

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