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August 2022

Recall: Empty Wishes

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Dangen Entertainment
Developer: Puff Hook Studio
Release Date: Q2 2023

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'Recall: Empty Wishes' Published By DANGEN Entertainment In Q2 2023, Playable Demo Available - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 4, 2022 @ 4:54 p.m. PDT

Recall: Empty Wishes is a story-driven psychological thriller following the story of a missing boy, Tommy, and his sister, Yonny.

Ever since Tommy disappeared, Yonny has been searching for him. One day, Yonny discovers a toy phone receiver that she used with Tommy when they were children. The mysterious phone receiver connects Yonny and her friend, Phoebe, to the Gallery of Empty Wishes, where they find themselves able to enter the chilling memory echoes of people connected to Tommy. Using the receiver, they delve into key characters’ deepest desires, and ultimately seek to uncover the truth behind Tommy’s disappearance.

Recall: Empty Wishes’ story takes place in Taiwan in the 2010s and centers around the aspects of family ties and student relationships. Players piece together Tommy’s relationship with his sister, his mother and his classmates, combining interactive adventure with otherworldly aspects of the psychological thriller and horror genres.

Recall: Empty Wishes’ gameplay is controlled in 2D side-scrolling pixel-art environments. Each chapter focuses on a specific character’s past, as players take control of Yonny or Phoebe and enter their echo to proceed through the story. The player will have to explore different locations, interact with other characters, make dialogue choices, collect items, and solve puzzles to move forward in the game.

Recall: Empty Wishes features hand-drawn cutscenes that help narrate the suspenseful story. The player discovers truths about the characters’ actions, intentions and true feelings by visiting their echo in the Gallery of Empty Wishes. Recall: Empty Wishes features non-linear storytelling that plays out over a given span of time. Truths are slowly revealed and characters come to terms with their inner selves. Players will have to make choices that affect the outcome of the game.

There is no mechanism of game over in Recall: Empty Wishes. Players are encouraged to solve puzzles, make decisions and proceed through the game at their own pace. The game features a Prologue and five Chapters, with certain choices affecting important outcomes. There is more than one ending to the game.

“We describe Recall: Empty Wishes as ‘an enigma on the outside, with a touching story at its core.’ We hope that Recall: Empty Wishes will be an easy-to-play game that immerses players,” says Puff Hook Studios.

Inspired by story-driven games such as To the MoonThe Coma, and Detention, Recall: Empty Wishes is Puff Hook Studios’ first game project, and received the following awards: Vision Get Wild PC Game 2021 - Bronze Award and Bahamut ACG Award 2021 - TAICCA Special Award.

A playable demo is be available for play on Steam during BitSummit X-Roads 2022, allowing players to experience the first two chapters of the game.

Key Features:

  • Immersive story based on the culture of Taiwanese students in the 2010s
  • Non-linear storytelling that combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and horror
  • Multiple character perspectives with alternate points of view and narration
  • Choices affect other characters and endings
  • 2D side-scrolling gameplay with interactive elements and puzzle-solving
  • Combines pixel-art graphics with hand-drawn portraits of characters
  • Multiple language support. (Including Chinese, English and Japanese)

Recall: Empty Wishes is coming to PC (Steam) in Q2 2023.

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