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Fatal Fury/Garou

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: SNK

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After More Than 20 Years, New 'Fatal Fury' Title In Development

by Rainier on Aug. 8, 2022 @ 11:10 a.m. PDT

SNK Corporation announced that a new game in the Fatal Fury/Garou fighting game series is currently in development.

SNK's popular Fatal Fury fighting game series, which spearheaded the fighting game boom in the 90's with its release in 1991, the last of which was Garou: Mark Of the Wolves way back in 1999, will receive a new installment.

The teaser art for the new game was unveiled today. Fatal Fury / Garou will mark a new turning point in the history of fighting games, so fans can look forward to the continuation of this legendary series.

Stay tuned for more information!

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