Lord Of Rigel

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Developer: Rhombus Studios
Release Date: 2023

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'Lord Of Rigel' Gets Steam Early Access Date, Playable Demo Coming Soon - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 22, 2022 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Set in a galaxy locked in a galactic cold war, Lord Of Rigel is a 4x space-strategy title with real-time combat elements where you choose between warring elder races, forge your own coalition, or go it alone.

Lord of Rigel is a turn based 4x (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate) space strategy game set in a galaxy locked in a galactic cold war. Customize your fleets, choose, design, and add weapons to them and choose between warring elder races, forge your own coalition, or go solo. Navigate Interplanetary diplomacy and defeat great menaces by utilizing espionage, research, and military force to shape the galaxy.

Form coalitions to survive the coming war, or discover the secrets of ascension that the elder races fear. With surviving as your goal, you and the race you are commanding will have many obstacles to overcome.  

Face rival species including the elder races who view themselves as the rightful guardians of the galaxy or fend off dangerous threats as they attempt to disrupt that already troubled galaxy. 

Use the various tools at your disposal, such as diplomacy, espionage, real-time ship combat, and research to define a path for your civilization or join one of the elder species as they fight for control of the galaxy.

The Early Access will launch on October 4th, 2022, you will be able to buy your ticket to outer space for $/€ 19,99 and £17.99 on Steam!

The initial Early Access release of Lord of Rigel consists of:

  • Eight playable species
  • Huge Galaxies with 256 stars
  • Military Victory condition

Lord Of Rigel in its current state has a full research tree, tactical combat, ground combat, diplomacy, and espionage. The current scope is intended to help us refine AI and gameplay balance as we implement end game features.

The full version of Lord Of Rigel will include:

  • Ten playable species
  • Legendary Galaxies with 1024 stars
  • Elder Species whose influence shapes the galaxy
  • Galaxy Threatening Grand Menaces
  • Ascension and Diplomacy victory conditions
  • Megastructures including Dyson Spheres and Ringworlds
  • Custom Species

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Rhombus Studios are also happy to announce that Lord Of Rigel will participate at  TactiCon (22-26/09) with a new Steam demo on September 22-26!

Into science and sci-fi? This is your game. Let your curiosity and imagination go to another universe and develop your civilization in Astrobiology, Nuclear Physics, and many other exciting areas. 

You can win in different ways: Do you want to focus on a strong military? Or maybe interstellar culture? Maybe on being superior in technology? It's up to you.

Unique to Lord Of Rigel are the elder species and galactic threats that dive into a deep history.

Key Features:

  • Species: Choose from 10 playable races with unique characteristics, behaviors, and leaders. Play alongside two elder races and choose the fate of minor species with unique resources and technologies to protect or exploit.
  • End Game: Shape the fate of the galaxy through harnessing rare strategic resources to build dyson spheres, doomsday weapons, or unlock evolutionary secrets.
  • Diplomacy: Shape Galactic Council politics by negotiating trade treaties, alliances, and creating client states. Each species has unique leaders with personalities and cultural traditions that direct their choices.
  • Espionage: Run a shadow empire and benefit from your spy network through sabotaging fleets, bombing infrastructure, stealing technology, creating the “right” political climate by inciting rebellions, or assassinating leaders.
  • Fleet Combat: Real time combat that rewards for using good tactics. Use smaller ships to flank and target weaker rear armor on capital ships. Target subsystems and disable: weapons, shields, engines, computers, and other systems. Use onboard marines to raid enemy ships or capture them.
  • Menaces: Defend yourself from intergalactic invaders and devastating alien probes. Gain galactic prestige by defending the galaxy against those who would destroy it or enlist the aid of the galactic council to end these mutual threats.

Lord Of Rigel is coming to PC (Steam) in 2023.

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