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Soul Survivors

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Stingbot Games
Release Date: 2023

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'Soul Survivors' Is A Roguelite Action/Adventure For Switch And PC, Early Access In 2023, Demo Available - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 22, 2022 @ 3:57 p.m. PDT

Soul Survivors is a dark fantasy time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.

Prepare your soul for total destruction as you slaughter hordes of enemies throughout the Lands of Chaos.

Suit up and head into combat against waves of enemies threatening to overrun unprepared champions in the Lands of Chaos. Weave in and out of progressively more challenging foes, auto-attacking to cut a path forward and absorbing souls from felled creatures to level up and acquire powerful new abilities. Cast down legions of shambling zombies, corrupt mages, and giants in tense showdowns across richly detailed pixel-art stages.

Charge into enemy hordes as the powerful Bogatyr, or use the realm’s undead legions as the Necromancer. In Soul Survivors, each character class features distinct active and passive abilities to provide for wildly differing playstyles. Spend hard-earned gold accrued during sessions to unlock persistent Talent Tree upgrades for different characters, boosting stats affording even more firepower in subsequent sessions.

Alter a character’s auto-attack in dynamic ways by spending experience-granting souls. Transform Bogatyr’s standard sword into an AOE-inducing hammer with the Iron Smash ability or upgrade to the Butcher’s Blade to deliver powerful overhead strikes capable of cleaving through waves of deadly foes. Experiment with different character builds across numerous runs to create the perfect champion capable of outlasting thousands of enemies and challenging malicious bosses at the end of each stage, like the hulking Flesh Golem.

The first-ever playable Soul Survivors demo debuts during Steam Next Fest Oct. 3-10, followed by Early Access in early 2023.

Soul Survivors will debut on Steam Early Access with over 24 different enemy types and two playable stages, with content updates planned throughout its ongoing development. Select one of two character classes available at Early Access launch, with 6 planned for v1.0.

“We are excited to share the first look at Soul Survivors with the world, and are even more thrilled to invite players to go hands-on with the game during the October Steam Next Fest,” said Sterling Selover, designer, Stingbot Games. “Soul Survivors is all about risk versus reward as you try to topple thousands of increasingly more difficult enemies and build up your character. We’re also building, and look forward to sharing even more content when Soul Survivors comes to Early Access in early 2023!”

Unlock and Play as one of 6 unique classes, each with their own abilities and progression. Each character plays vastly different:

  • Bogatyr - A fierce knight hardened from countless battles.
  • Pyromancer - A nomad, living life on his sleeve. He leaves a trail of ashes everywhere he travels.
  • Necromancer - Duke of the Undead. A master summoner and seeker of Dark Arts.
  • Ranger - Her shadow casts over the forest, protecting all whom nature deem worthy
  • Fighter - A master of mind, body and spirit. He serves only the pure of heart.
  • Blood Maiden - Scarlet writes her enemies' names in blood.

Unlock and Explore 4 unique environments:

  • Linden Forest - A once green pasture now lies in ruins. The guardians of this forest haunt it from the very graves they built.
  • Usvit Castle - The shining light from the days of old. A demonic presence often heard but never seen, ushers waves of fear throughout the castle walls.
  • Usvit Depths - The old servants' quarters. Now a slime ridden passage where not even the bravest adventurers set foot.
  • Ashendusk Mountains - Rivers of lava run through these scorched lands. Denizens of fire invoke fear and incinerate ill-prepared adventurers.

Soul Survivors is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in 2023.

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