Riley & Rochelle

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Sheinman Games
Release Date: Oct. 18, 2022

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'Riley & Rochelle' Gets Release Date - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2022 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT

Riley & Rochelle is a narrative puzzle game about love & pop in the 90’s, where you uncover the lives, losses, and stories of two musicians from opposite sides of the tracks as they become superstars.

Uncover the lives of Riley and Rochelle, two musicians from two different sides of the tracks, as they find their voices, ascend into superstardom, fall in love, and fall apart. Delve deep into 90’s nostalgia as you piece together their lives through listening to their original and diverse career-spanning music, sifting through their journals and researching real events to discover who they are in this rich narrative puzzle game.

Reminisce about 90s pop culture and counterculture while deciding for yourself what makes art authentic. When does the pressure of creation become too much? Who gets to actually make art? And does becoming a star mean selling out?

Both from extremely different backgrounds, Riley & Rochelle are an unexpected love story no one saw coming. As you piece together their lives through reading journal entries, listening to their moving soundtracks, and more, you’ll discover what makes them tic, their loves, losses, innermost thoughts and feelings. Correctly fill in the dates in their journals to piece together the puzzle of who they really are, and choose who wins out in the end as you make your movie.

From a working-class family in Detroit, Riley Stone toughs it out in rock and roll clubs selling tapes out of the back of his car and clawing his way through the indie music scene…until he crashes into Rochelle’s limo at the Oscars.

Long destined for stardom, Rochelle Robert has been pushed through the child pageantry scene by her mom in regional Quebec Canada until she’s discovered by a sleazy pageant judge who doesn’t have her best interest in mind at eighteen. She moves on quickly, finding her own way to New York City and into the spotlight

Riley and Rochelle also features an all-star voice over cast including notable people such as Chuck Klosterman, and game industry folks Xavier Nelson Jr, Tanya X. Short and Jay Tholen. Created by Sheinman games (of Rivals and Echo Beach), the game invites the player to indulge in a rich and immersive narrative while getting an insider look at 90’s musical world that answers the question “what would happen if Elliott Smith and Celine Dion fell in love?”.

Consider what makes love work, what it takes to make art, and can the two exist in tandem?

Key Features:

  • Discover a rich story that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of humor, sadness, and contemplativeness as you get to know the real Riley & Rochelle
  • Piece together Riley & Rochelle’s past, utilizing the soundtrack, journal entries, and everything at your disposal
  • Make a move and choose your movie’s ending—who, if anyone, gets a happy one?
  • Revel in 90’s nostalgia from VH1 to VHS, delving into music, culture, fashion and more
  • Expansive and dynamic soundtrack covering everything from 90s pop ballads to indie grunge
  • Singers:
    • Colombes Ran - Rochelle
    • Riley Catherall - Riley
    • Daniel Duke - Brandon
    • Liv Clark - Daphnee Elvira
    • Jay Tholen - Himself
    • Emily Snyder - Sadie
  • Voice Cast:
    • Adam Blanford - TV Announcer
    • Agnes McCuen - Little Girl
    • Alexis Strum - Talulah
    • B.Narr - Sarah Spheeris
    • Chuck Klosterman - Bret
    • Dashiell Asher - Trent Trojan
    • Meabh de Brun - Niamh Ryan
    • Nicholas Lariviere - Journo 1
    • Ed Grabianowski - Dave Savant
    • Emily Snyder - Sadie Safdie
    • Fiona Thraille - Fiona
    • Garan Fitzgerald - TV Announcer
    • Gavin Murphy - Hal Robson
    • Julie Hoverson - Aimee Heron
    • Karim Kronfli - Osman Ozdemir
    • Karin Heimdahl - Frida
    • Laryssa Yanchak - Stephanie Lavoie
    • Owen McCuen - Radio DJ
    • Thomas Rawson - Announcer
    • Chris Rivera - Dan Draper
    • Philip Sacramento - Riley/Brandon
    • Sarah Golding - Orla Ryan
    • Shaun Grace - Leif
    • Tanya X Short - Interviewer
    • Xalavier Nelson Junior - Benz
    • Marie-Eve Tremblay - Bernice
    • Zaida-Joy Davis - Rochelle

Riley & Rochelle is coming to PC (Steam) on October 18, 2022 for $14.99.

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