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February 2023

Master Of Magic

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Slitherine
Developer: MuHa Games
Release Date: Dec. 13, 2022

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'Master Of Magic' Reboot Gets Release Date, Original Free On GOG - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2022 @ 4:17 p.m. PDT

Master Of Magic is an faithful reboot of the original strategy/RPG game, with identical gameplay mechanics and the same, overwhelming amount of content, which allowed for endless replayability.

Take up the role of a great wizard, wield powerful spells, command fantasy races and challenge your rivals in this remake of a cult turn-based strategy classic. Do you have what it takes to become Master of Magic?

Master of Magic is an extremely faithful reboot of the original game, with identical gameplay mechanics and the same, overwhelming amount of content, which allowed for endless replayability.

In Master of Magic you take up the role of one of 14 unique and diverse great wizards who compete with each other to dominate the worlds of Arcanus and Myrror.

Choose from different schools of magic and fantasy races to command, then lead your minions and expand your influence and power across the land. Recruit and command mighty armies of elves, dragons, dwarves, orcs and many more. Support them with powerful spells. Fight tactical turn-based battles and affect the outcome with your magic. Research new spells, engage in alchemy, perform rituals and use your arcane powers to change the world around you.

Always beware of the machinations of your rival wizards, who seek to reach your same goals. But in the end, remember: there can be only one Master of Magic.

After having acquired the license in 2019, Slitherine and Muha Games announced a new entry in 2021, and now the release date of the new Master of Magic: it will be available on PC on December 13th.

The original Master of Magic was published in 1994 and set the rules for the 4X genre. It is still considered - and played! - as one of the timeless masterpieces of strategy, together with classics such as Civilization and Master of Orion.

Now, and Slitherine are celebrating the 28th anniversary of Master of Magic by granting it to any player that wants it – but only for a few days. Download it now and keep this epic strategy game forever.

Key Features

  • 14 unique playable powerful wizards
  • 5 schools of magic and 18 traits to customize your wizard
  • Over 60 special abilities
  • Over 200 spells to research
  • 14 fantasy races to command, including elves, dwarves, trolls, draconians, orcs, klackons, gnolls and many more
  • 196 unique unit types
  • Over 250 unique magical items, as well as custom crafting
  • Two parallel dimensional planes: Arcanus and Myrror

Master Of Magic is coming to PC (Steam) on December 13, 2022.

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