Have A Nice Death

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Developer: Magic Design Studios
Release Date: March 22, 2023

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'Have A Nice Death' Early Access Update Adds New World, NPCs, Bosses, Enemies And Plenty More - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2022 @ 5:05 p.m. PDT

Have A Nice Death is a new hand-drawn 2D Action Rogue-lite that explores office life in the underworld.

Have a Nice Death is a hand-drawn 2D Action Rogue-Lite where gamers will assume the role of Death, Founder and CEO of Death Incorporated, the massive underworld organization responsible for processing souls in the afterlife.

As the company’s fearless leader, they will explore the darkly charming, procedurally-generated departments of the corporation’s headquarters to round up and rehabilitate rogue employees who have been ignoring company protocol and snatching up far too many souls on Earth. Getting the department bosses — also known as Sorrows — and their minions under control, however, is a difficult task and will require multiple runs to complete.

Luckily, players will have an arsenal of weapons, spells and special skills on hand to get the job done.

This new content drop marks the biggest and deadliest Steam Early Access update for the darkly charming 2D action roguelike before its full launch next year.

Starting today, players have access to the Natural Disasters Department, a new twisted world filled with new bosses and enemies to hack’n’scythe through. In addition to new spells, a new scythe weapon, and a brand-new Training Room to try them in, this update also includes many new features requested by the Have a Nice Death Early Access community. These features include a run summary that gives full details on a player’s adventure (following their death, of course), a Curses Encyclopedia to keep track of all the curses obtained, Challenge Rooms that put a player’s skills to the ultimate test, combat changes and much more.

Here’s the full list of all the features for today’s Natural Disasters Update

  • New World: The Natural Disasters Department – Discover and explore a new twisted world, the Natural Disasters Department. Experience a world torn asunder by the destructive forces of the natural world, from ferocious hurricanes to devasting tornados. This new world introduces the following new content:  
    • New NPC - Meet the new NPC, Muriel the Reverent, an artist and performer who’s the painter behind the wondrous works of art in the Lobby.
    • New Bosses – Go up against one new Sorrow (boss) and one new mini-boss (Thanager) as you dive deeper into the update’s new world.
      • New Sorrow – Catherine Imamura, a mighty empress who has the power to create clones of herself and unleash powerful water-based spells. 
      • New Thanager - Horace Sinistrocirrus, a giant storm cloud opera singer, has a full arsenal of deadly lightning attacks. Once he starts singing, be prepared to dodge lightning strikes that only get more intense over time.  
    • New Enemies - While exploring the dangerous world that is the Natural Disasters Department, be prepared to hack’n’scythe through five new elemental enemies that can burn you to a crisp, pound you to the ground and more. 
  • New Curses, New Spells and a New Weapon – Thirteen new curses, two brand new spells: like the Sepulchral Ray -- an instant-death ray that detonate enemies – and a new long-ranged scythe weapon, the Billhooks, that lets you easily scythe down enemies from a distance. 
  • New Lore - The lore within the Underworld continues to grow as you can dive into new character stories, worker guide descriptions and over 900 lines of dialogue.  
  • New Training Room – Test out your new weapons and spells and make-up your own character builds in the new training room that can be found in the Lobby. 
  • New Features Based on Community Feedback - In response to player feedback, Magic Design Studios has implemented the following new improvements to the game in this new update: 
    • Challenge Rooms: Throughout your adventure, you can now stumble upon new Challenge Rooms that will put your hack’n’scythe skills to the ultimate test. Complete tough challenges in just a limited amount of time to earn special rewards. 
    • Run Summary: After a run’s been completed, you can get a complete breakdown of it run by interacting with Pitbook. 
    • Curses Encyclopedia: Dive into this new encyclopedia to see all the curses you’ve acquired across your adventure in Death Inc.
  • “Quality-of Death” Fixes - Modifications to the combat system, along with difficulty, frenzy attack and food adjustments have been made to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Key Features:

  • Welcome to Death Incorporated – Discover and explore the darkly-charming, procedurally-generated departments of Death Inc., where you’ll meet a diverse cast of memorable characters—like your affable pumpkin-headed assistant, Pump Quinn—who are always willing to share the latest office gossip
  • Reap What You Sow – Sharpen your skills (and scythe) through fast-paced hack n’ slash combat, utilizing over 30 unique weapons and spells you can find and upgrade to create devastating combinations
  • Death Never Sleeps – Since Death can’t die, use what you’ve learned and earned to overcome the numerous minions and bosses in each department of Death Incorporated... over and over. A performance review after every run guarantees that you’ll unlock interesting items and upgrades that will help you progress on your journey
  • When Life Gives You Curses – Taking more power for yourself is a controversial move in Death Incorporated’s company culture. For instance, adopting a Curse upgrade for yourself might result in the Labor Inspector granting your subordinates enhanced powers, or worse, raising the cost of koffee and other items that are vital to your work output

Have A Nice Death is coming to PC (Steam) in 2023, with additional platforms to be revealed at a later date.

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