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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Kakao Games
Developer: Reality MagiQ

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'Dysterra' Reveals Its 2023 Steam Early Access Development Roadmap - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2023 @ 12:05 p.m. PST

Dysterra is a multiplayer survival game that embodies deep crafting systems such as construction and production, while offering players exciting conflicts and environmental calamities.

Dysterra is a large-scale online survival game set on an abandoned planet called Dysterra within the visual power of the Unreal Engine 4. 

Find a way to survive, mining the most evolved energy mineral Terrasite on the Earth where a big pillar of fire, Terrafire, is destroying everything. Discover raw materials and craft tools for your survival. The Earth’s fate is in your hands.

Gather up useful materials and craft clothes, weapons or food with them for your survival. Earn some fresh meat from animals and cook them on the grill that you can craft with resources. To survive longer, you need to look after your body condition to avoid getting cold, heatstroke, or radiation positioning. You need your own housing to survive. With 16 different housing parts, you can build up your housing as you want. Construct workbench, storage, grill, and turret for your safety.

Fans of the genre will enjoy Dysterra’s survival systems, from item crafting to its intuitive base-building. However, unlike some other survival games, Dysterra eliminates those tedious barriers players of the genre often complain about. You’ll start each game with a sidearm and rifle, crucially cutting down the time it takes to engage with enemy players and AI. Your high-tech machine arm will also significantly speed up crafting and gathering resources, allowing players to focus on survival instead of time-consuming tasks. These design choices are aimed at keeping the action focused and accessible to newcomers who might be put off by some aspects of the survival genre.

Following its Steam Early Access launch, Dysterra is gearing up for a new year of exciting updates such as game-changing new features and content, all detailed in the Dysterra 2023 roadmap.

Since the game’s initial PC release, Dysterra’s development team have been working hard to improve their survival shooter, while also creating a pipeline of upcoming content for players to enjoy. In the short term, the team’s immediate priority is to fix bugs, optimize performance, and improve in-game balancing, listening carefully to community feedback. Over the next two months, players can expect quality-of-life features such as emotes, chat enhancement, and ping system improvements.

Looking further ahead, future updates will expand every aspect of Dysterra’s gameplay:

  • New Content: New Dysterra content will be added regularly throughout 2023. Players will have more gameplay elements to experiment with thanks to new events, resources, items, and NPCs. These will also help expand the game’s backstory and world-building.
  • New Weapons and Items: A variety of weapons and supplemental items will also be introduced every month. New guns and auxiliary items will increase the number of loadout options possible, allowing for more varied playstyles and combat scenarios.
  • Housing Features and Decorations: Something you cannot miss in a survival-genre game is housing. New decorations and housing features will allow players to further customize their Dysterra base for better comfort and protection.
  • Clans and Vehicles: Responding to player feedback, the developers will add a Clan system to Dysterra in a future update. This will enable larger scale team fights between players as they battle over territories and servers.

There will also be more ways to navigate Dysterra’s dynamic in-game worlds thanks to the arrival of new vehicles. The studio has some exciting new vehicle designs planned, complete with mounted weaponry and improved attack capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Compete or Cooperate: Join the official server, and compete with others big time! Dysterra has Sci-Fi FPS setting where you can literally get in battles with every single player you come in contact with. However, teaming up is always an option to compete with other players in a team.
    Don’t worry if you don’t prefer PvP games because Dysterra also offers both PvE and single player mode.
  • Real time Spot Events and Competition for Facility Domination: Explore the main facilities before anybody else does to get in hold of special skills and resources for higher-tier items that can make you superior.
  • Variety of Contents In the Midst of Intense Survival: Develop yourself and your machine arm in the Sci-Fi based world of Dysterra. Equip yourself with strong armors and weapons. Build and expand your base to feel the best Sci-Fi FPS experience.

Dysterra is in development for PC (Steam).

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