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February 2023

The Last Plague: Blight

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Original Studios
Release Date: 2024

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'The Last Plague: Blight' Is A Top Down Survival Game Coming To Steam Early Access Soon, Demo Next Week - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2023 @ 5:35 p.m. PST

The Last Plague: Blight is an authentic survival experience that strives on punishing realism, immersion, and depth.

Uncover the mystery behind an obscure disease and withstand a perilous open-world that strives on punishing realism, immersion, and depth. Even when exhausted, starved, and alone, a glimmer of hope can be seen on the horizon. Are you willing to risk your life to see the Blight eradicated, or will you allow the disease to consume you?

The Blight, a devastating disease with unknown origins, has eradicated life as we know it. Escaping into the wilderness is seemingly the safest choice, but how long until the Blight reaches the final haven? When hiding may very well lead to an inevitable demise, taking action is a necessity. The Last Plague: Blight tasks players to seek the root of the Blight and put an end to the disease once and for all. Humanity’s salvation is on the horizon, but reaching it is a daunting burden.

The Last Plague: Blight prides itself on providing a comprehensive survival experience with authentic realism and immersion. Every single action holds a purpose and a potential consequence. Cooking, crafting, or gathering materials eats up precious time. Water needs to be boiled to ensure it's safe to drink, and the proper containers will be necessary to carry liquids around without spilling. Raw materials require processing before creating the tools and building the structures necessary for survival. It only takes one simple slip up to spiral into utter demise. 

The Blight is one of the many threats and challenges players must brave in the procedurally generated world. Wild beasts loom throughout the shadows and harsh weather conditions ravage the wilderness. Players must keep their guard up at all times while maintaining a balanced well-being. Hunger, hydration, energy, and any inflicted wounds all must be kept in check while in search for a better tomorrow. 

The Last Plague: Blight will be coming to Steam Early Access soon, but until then players can take their first steps into the harsh wilderness with a new demo available during the Steam Next Fest from February 3rd through February 13th.

“Right now there is about 5-7 hours worth of unique content in the game to experience, including buildings and craftable items. The experience itself is fairly solid. The procedural world generation creates unique and decently balanced worlds every new game, and the game so far gives a good sense of the gameplay, level of depth and realism that is being aimed for.”

“A good goal of the full version is to either have a story mode that lasts at least 50 hours of intense, challenging and interesting gameplay, or enough unique content and discoverability for that amount of time in non-story endless mode. The procedural world generation is decent right now but we definitely want it to eventually generate the most beautiful, realistic and varied worlds seen in a game like this ever. Lastly, depending on community feedback, local or networked multiplayer co-op functionality would potentially be a goal as well.”

Key Features:

  • Authentic survival experience rooted in realism and immersion
  • Procedurally generated open world and inhabitants
  • Spatial awareness through a refreshing top down perspective
  • Severely grounded cooking, crafting, and healing mechanics
  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Detailed character customization
  • In-depth injury and wound system
  • Farming, fishing, and animal taming
  • Building mechanics; floors, walls, roof, etc

The Last Plague: Blight is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2024.

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