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February 2023

Among Us VR

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Schell Games
Release Date: Nov. 10, 2022

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'Among Us VR' Sales Surpass One Million Units

by Rainier on Jan. 24, 2023 @ 8:44 a.m. PST

Among Us is moving from a 2D to a first-person, 3D experience that places players in the heart of the Skeld and retains the core mechanics fans love.

You’re used to navigating Among Us in 2D, but what if you could BE the Crewmate? See life on the Skeld through the Crewmate’s eyes visor? 

Among Us VR is a party game of teamwork and betrayal.

Grab your crew and headset and launch into the VR version of this hit multiplayer game for 4 - 10 players. Work together in this virtual spaceship to complete tasks before one or more Impostors kill everyone aboard.

Built exclusively for VR, you will enjoy all the same gameplay as the original game, but now in an extremely immersive environment where everything (yup, everything!) is close up and personal.

This new 3D experience will place you and our suspicious spacebeans in the heart of the Skeld, with all of the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal you know and love. The VR edition will continue to support the multiplayer experience too, of course! Now you can really have an emergency meeting together.

VR version won’t be compatible with the original Among Us game, so you’ll only be able to play against other VR beans.

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that Among Us VR has officially reached over 1 million units sold — and less than ten weeks after launch! So many of you amazing little beans running around the Skeld II, I can’t even count to one million! What the heck?!

But this isn’t the only milestone you’ve reached as a Crewmate Community!

Since Among Us VR launched on November 10, 2022:

  • The game has been played more than 4 million times
  • On average, 44,000 matches are held per day 
  • More than 89,100,000 minutes have been dedicated to tasks, sabotages, and betrayal 
  • Crewmates are joining the Skeld II from across the globe, representing 122 different countries

All of this couldn’t have been possible without all of you. And, we’re so grateful for all of the support that you’ve shown for making this game and its community the best one ever — just like the original Among Us.

With an exciting horizon ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what additional impressive feats you all can achieve in 2023 and beyond. 

Stay suspicious!

Key Features:

  • Chat: Communicate using in-game voice chat (featuring proximity chat) or quick text chat
  • Minigames: Play old favorites and new-for-VR games
  • Customization: Pick the Crewmate’s color and hat
  • Comfort and Safety: Adjust the settings for the best experience possible
  • Cross-Platform in VR: At launch, play with Crewmates on different VR platforms, including Meta Quest, Rift, and Steam. 
  • Locomotion: Choose single or two-handed locomotion options
  • Localization: Among Us VR is available in eight languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (LATAM), Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, and Korean
  • Achievements 

The original Among Us is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC (Steam / Epic Games Store,Windows Store), Nintendo Switch,, iOS, and Android.

Among Us VR is available for Meta Quest, Rift and SteamVR headsets for $9.99, followed by PlayStation VR at a later time.

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