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June 2024

The Last Starship

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Introversion Software
Release Date: 2024

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'The Last Starship' Playable Demo Later This Week, Comes to Steam Early Access In 2023 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 24, 2023 @ 10:51 a.m. PST

Choose a spaceship hull, equip her with engines, life-support, sensors and rail guns and start your galactic adventure...

The Last Starship takes place in an unlimited procedurally-generated universe. Start with an empty starship hull and fit her out with propulsion, life-support, weapons and FTL drive, before blasting off into the galaxy to test your design against a range of procedurally generated missions.

It’s up to the player to make critical choices as they take the helm of the starship, whether they’re building a massive asteroid mining operation; rescue civilians from a transport with a critical engine failure, or build an armada and pick a fight with the pirates who plague the galaxy!

An entire crew awaits players’ command in The Last Starship. The game encourages players to not only build up their fleet of ships but to manage their crew, explore new areas, engage in real-time combat, and so much more. Every ship will need the basic equipment to get started, but as players progress through in-game missions, they can upgrade their spacecraft with weapons systems, mining lasers, and other unique add-ons.

The Last Starship is preparing for its public Steam demo to release on January 26th, as the game braces for its Next Fest debut from February 6th - February 23rd.  During Steam Next Fest, the demo will be limited to the first three sectors, which will allow players to get a good grasp on what The Last Starship has to offer.

"We grew up watching Star trek and playing Elite before falling in love with BSG, Factorio and Kerbal and we’re so excited to be building a game based on those amazing influences. ​ The game isn’t finished, this is only the beginning, but we know where we are headed and we hope you’ll join us - second star to the right and straight on till morning…” ​ Mark Morris ​ Managing Director, Introversion Software

The Last Starship is currently in a closed Playtest on Steam.

“We do not view development as a short Early Access phase, followed by a V1 launch. Instead, we see a continuous path towards an ever bigger universe with a complex system of systems approach to start-up and fleet design. At some point in the distant future we may label a build version 1.0, however the step up from Early Access will not be large.”

“We anticipate being in early access for several years, however we promise to provide regular, roughly monthly - 6 weekly build updates as the game develops and increases in complexity and scope, based on feedback from the Early Access community. We aim to be responsive to the requests and needs of the player base and will be providing updates for as long as their is an audience to play them!”

Key Features:

  • Equip Your Ship: Let your imagination run free by designing a starship and equipping it with life-saving technology to protect the crew onboard. 
  • Explore the Universe: The only way to know if a ship's design is good is to test it out. The sector map is the gateway to a procedurally generated universe. Each system has different missions, scenarios, and anomalies for the player to explore. 
  • Process Resources: Space is cold, dark, and empty. To survive, the crew will need resources such as water, oxygen, fuel, and materials for building more ships. 
  • Engage the Enemy: Take complete control over where to install your weapons. The game’s unique combat system will have the player strategically thinking on and off the battlefield. 
  • Grow Your Fleet: As the starship grows, so will the requirements to keep everyone alive. You'll need to not only expand your current starship but design different ships with different capabilities to keep trekking through deep space. 

The Last Starship is in development for PC (Steam).

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