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Stranded: Alien Dawn

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Frontier Foundry
Developer: Haemimont Games
Release Date: April 25, 2023

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'Stranded: Alien Dawn' To Get Robots and Guardians DLC And Free Update In November - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 27, 2023 @ 3:26 p.m. PDT

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planet survival simulation where you will discover an expansive, unforgiving 3D landscape and forge each survivor’s story.

Marooned on a deadly alien world, the fate of a small group of survivors hinges on the player’s every decision.

Stranded: Alien Dawn challenges players to overcome adversity and ensure their diverse group of survivors can flourish in their strange new surroundings.

Combining modular base construction with deep resource management, research, crafting, and more, players begin Stranded: Alien Dawn with nothing but the essentials, discovering beautiful yet deadly new environments in order to evolve their own unique, thriving base. Grapple with mysterious illnesses, extreme weather, and alien wildlife attacks, with the needs of survivors at the heart of every choice.

Whether players opt to transform their crash site into a sprawling haven or a fortified compound, salvaging and harvesting nearby resources is essential to finding the ideal materials to build and protect their survivors’ new base. Researching new technologies and acquiring knowledge are also vital, equipping survivors to make breakthroughs and advancements that will expand their horizons.

While shelter and security are crucial for success, caring for each member of the group is critical for long-term survival. Take advantage of their individual strengths, weaknesses, and traits to help survivors unite, adapt and overcome unprecedented circumstances. Craft weapons, hunt, forage and grow food, develop medicines, and keep the group entertained, to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing on a far-flung planet.

In Stranded: Alien Dawn players must make difficult choices to shape the story of their survivors, balancing short and long-term outcomes with risk and reward. Creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation are key to ensuring survivors will live to see another sunrise in this unforgiving alien world.

Frontier Developments announced that Stranded: Alien Dawn is expanding even further with the Robots and Guardians DLC on November 7, 2023, as well as a free update, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

Robots and Guardians will add a brand-new scenario, new and unique robots and drones, and more challenges for your survivors to overcome. Alongside the DLC we're also rolling out a free update that will add new furniture, new weapons, and an automated process for collecting and transporting resources.

These new additions will create an even greater experience, adding more ways for you to play the game and approach different situations. We can't wait for you to dig into everything the DLC and free update has to offer!


Your skills will be put to the test in this brand-new scenario, where a small group of up to three rebels have rescued "Hope", the galaxy's first sentient android. Now on the run from the ruthless manufacturing consortium that created Hope, the rebels seek refuge on an uncharted planet within the Outer Worlds. Their objective is to safeguard the essence of humanity that exists within Hope.

To achieve their goal, the rebels must overcome hostile waves of automated consortium search parties intent to take back Hope, compromising of bipedal non-sentient robots, battle quadcopters, and mobile crawler turrets. Luckily, the rebels can repurpose the consortium's technology and can deploy automated defences of their own. While the rebels are fighting, Hope will develop new skills and traits by carrying out tasks around the base, with the ultimate goal of attaining full sentience, and a full Intellect Skill. Be careful though, if Hope sustains irreparable damage the rebels will be overrun by the consortium and the scenario is lost.


Hope is the galaxy's first sentient android, and a new character coming to Stranded: Alien Dawn exclusive to the new Guardians scenario. While she shares a lot of similarities with both humans and robots, she's distinctly different from both. She'll need to consume specific foods to restore her energy, but also won't need to sleep (at first), to name a few.

In the beginning, Hope is a blank slate, only capable or carrying out physical tasks (Cut/Mine/Scavenge) and Intellect-related tasks (Observe/research). She's incapable of any other tasks and have 0 skill level for all skills. As she accumulates experience, engages with other characters, and develops her skills, she'll unlock new traits and grow more human as a result. How those traits work will be revealed at a later date, but there will be a lot of flexibility for you to shape and develop Hope as you want.



Helping out the rebels in the Guardians scenario are brand-new automated defences, from Defence bots and flying Battle drones to Mobile turrets. While mobile turrets are exclusive to the new Guardians scenarios, the Battle Drones and Defence Bots are available in all scenarios. Check the rundown of the free update below for more information on another type of drone we're also adding! Since you start with only three rebels in the Guardians scenario, these new defensive options are key to surviving against enemy waves. Don't forget to keep your power grid running smoothly so they can recharge.


Also included in the DLC are non-sentient, bipedal robots. Much like the mechs, these are constructed from AI Cores and other advanced construction materials, and will be available across all scenarios.

These new robots are split into two groups: Defence Bots and Service Bots. Service Bots can carry resources, plant and harvest crops, mine stone, chop wood, scavenge crashed spaceships, repair devices, and even cook food for your survivors! The Defence bots can be equipped with both melee and ranged weapons, and are great for backing up your rebels and survivors in combat. Why not give them the new Laser Sword weapon that comes with the Robots and Guardians DLC?


A new survivor is making their way to Stranded: Alien Dawn with this upcoming DLC! You'll get to meet them, and learn more about them, when we're a little closer to launch, so stay tuned.


A new Surgical Automaton device can store medicines and be used to heal wounds and illnesses, without the need for a dedicated healer. You can also store Spare Parts to repair Hope 9000 with in the Guardians scenario. Just make sure it's connected to the electric grid and fully supplied with plenty of First-aid Kits!



Alongside the DLC we're also releasing a brand-new free update, which will add new features, recipes and items to Stranded: Alien Dawn, which will be available in all scenarios. The biggest addition is a resource delivery mechanic in the form of Delivery Drones. These drones are similar to the Battle Drones from the Robots and Guardians DLC, but specifically designed for swift resource delivery, bringing loose resources and items to wherever you want them stored. If there are no resources to transport, the drones will automatically return to their associated command stations.


While it's been possible to build raised buildings, true multi-storey buildings haven't been a feature in Stranded: Alien Dawn until now. With the free update we're adding the ability to add extra levels to your buildings, letting you have up to six storey buildings. We're also changing up the roof shapes depending on the construction materials, and adding balconies, ladders, elevators, and new Solar Roofs! It will be the perfect way for your survivors to build a lovely home on the alien planet.


Your survivors will soon be able to equip exciting new weapons and relax in spiffing new furniture as well! New Carbon Crossbows will be available to research and craft in all scenarios, as well as an advanced furniture set that provides more comfort and happiness to your survivors. We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention the new Flak Cannon turret, which will be more efficient at taking down aerial attackers. No more struggling against flying enemies as they decimate your base.

As we mentioned before, there are more quality-of-life additions and bug fixes coming in this update, so keep an eye out for the full patch notes coming on 7 November. We want to thank everyone in the Stranded: Alien Dawn community for all your support, feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.

Key Features:

  • Discover an expansive, living 3D world with remarkable flora and fauna
  • Manage your survivors’ needs, health and happiness
  • Construct and evolve your own unique base, and devise cunning defences to protect it and survivors from being attacked
  • Plant, grow, harvest and hunt down food. Stockpile useful resources and salvage material from fallen space debris
  • Research technologies to expand your horizons.
  • Provide heat, light, devices for relaxation and more to keep survivors on top of their game, ready to face the next challenge.
  • React to fluctuating weather and environmental events
  • Learn to play with the integrated tutorial system

Stranded: Alien Dawn is availablw for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

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