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December 2023

Nakwon: Last Paradise

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: MintRocket

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'Nakwon: Last Paradise' Shows Off 22 Mins Of Gameplay, Pre-Alpha Playtest Next Week - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2023 @ 6:00 a.m. PST

Set in Seoul, Nakwon: Last Paradise is a 3rd person PvPvE zombie apocalypse stealth/survival game, in which players must use their wits to avoid detection, loot items, and escape to survive.

Nakwon: Last Paradise is a PvPvE game for up to 16 players from MintRocket, which most recently introduced Dave The Diver.

Experience a new form of 'Post-Apocalypse Life' that you've never seen before. Explore Extraction Survival and gather resources from the PvPvE city, where Zombies and Survivors coexist to survive in this new societal structure.

The sub-title "Last Paradise" holds a profound meaning, signifying that 'Yeouido' is a restricted Quarantine Zone, where Survivors are gathered to evade Zombies—it’s the last region where hope of survival remains. The teaser video featuring actual gameplay from an early game build showcases various ways to survive in Seoul, a city filled with tension and silence.

Meanwhile, in line with its commitment to player-centric development, MintRocket plans to hold a pre-alpha open test of Nakwon: Last Paradise for players later this year.

Players eager to test out the realistic urban extraction gameplay set in Seoul can wishlist the game on Steam to receive an email alert when the event kicks off; the playtest itself runs from November 29th at 17:00 PST to December 3rd at 23:59 PST. 

“As we continue to improve NAKWON’s multiplayer experience, we hope community collaboration will be a core part of our development process. We’re still very early on in playable development— this playtest is by no means representative of our planned final product— but we’re excited to share our journey with players and hear their initial feedback. This is a great opportunity for passionate players to get involved at an early stage and help us shape the project,” said Game Director, Jang Kyoung Han. “We intend to implement player feedback from the pre-alpha this year, and follow up with a more robust public test sometime next year, with the goal of building a fun and original survival experience for players.”

Participation in the playtest is free, and there is no limit on the number of survivors who can join the event.

Key Features:

  • A Realistic Zombie Survival Set in the Backdrop of Korea: Seoul, the city of scarce guns and plentiful hiding spots within its clustered buildings and alleys.Survive as an ordinary human, relying solely on your senses and keep yourself safe from Zombies.
  • A Life-and-Death Extraction Survival within the PvPvE World: You must infiltrate the city full of Zombies (AI) and other Survivors (Players) to collect useful items and sell them or make money by completing missions.Be cautious as you'll lose everything you have once you die.
  • A Stealth Survivor TPS Consuming Audiovisual Elements and Strategy: Zombies are drawn to sounds, and upon spotting human beings, they chase after them. Cover yourselves and move in silence.Lure Zombies, disrupt their attention, and run away. A single gunshot will draw all nearby Zombies, so please act with caution.
  • Cruel Revelation of Human Greed in a Multiplayer Setting: In this world with no laws and rules, human beings are the last ones you can trust.Survival hinges on murdering others and plundering their belongings. Be cautious about everything, and trust no one.
  • Life in a Citizen Class Made by Survivors: Your Citizen Grade determines privileges and access levels. You need to make money for rent and better equipment. Ownership of higher Citizen Grades will grant you access to more and more.
  • Blend of Simulation and Extraction Survival: Every single day unfolds within the Safety Zone.You must decide yourself what to do and eat for survival.

Nakwon: Last Paradise is in development for PC (Steam).

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