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'Hawked' Comes To Early Access Next Week - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2023 @ 7:00 a.m. PST

Hawked is an online PvPvE shooter in which teams or solo players race to collect and extract treasure from a remote island.

Go Solo or Squad up to explore a mysterious island, battle monsters, outwit enemy players, and steal arcane Artifacts in an all-out treasure hunt. Loot is persistent — extract it to develop and customize your Renegade with new abilities and cosmetics.

In Hawked players must explore this mysterious island, compete with each other, and battle greedy saurian so called Disciples in an all-out heist for treasure and mystical artifacts. But it’s not just the monsters they’ll have to worry about, other players are gunning for their treasure too. Players will also have to contend with puzzles and traps, hazardous environments, and a variety of other challenges along the way.

In the world of Hawked, the adventurers guild GRAIL has recently made the discovery of a lifetime: X-Isle, a mysterious island that harbors powerful artifacts from a lost civilization. Players must explore X-Isle, a recently-discovered treasure trove filled with loot. However, the nefarious, scaly Disciples have also laid claim to the island, and will not give up their conquest so easily. X-Isle is an enormous dynamic map, with each session challenging players to compete on different parts of the island. Its treasures and Artifacts are hidden in boobytrapped temples and ruins throughout.

Enter the Renegades, treasure-hunting mercenaries with a penchant for plundering. As Renegades, the players will have access to a large collection of weapons and gadgets, battle vicious monsters, outwit enemies, and gun down each other while roaming the island. Players will run, jump, surf, zipline, and soar through an ever-evolving world filled with deadly hazards, lush jungles, and ancient ruins.

Publisher and developer My.Games announced that Hawked will be available through Early Access on November 30, 2023 via the My.Games Launcher and Steam.

Players that are interested in joining the extraction fun can already sign up now for the ‘Renegade Rally’ which rewards players with increasingly higher rewards as more people sign up. 

Early Access marks another phase in the release of the ambitious third-person extraction shooter as it works its way up to full release. Andy Duthie, executive producer for Hawked, explained the choice for Early Access as follows:

“With Hawked we want to have an open and interactive development process that puts community feedback in a central position. After the positive feedback and excellent results of our Open Beta, we feel that Early Access is an important stepping stone in our road towards launch. We want to keep building towards making Hawked the most fun and approachable extraction-shooter on the market as we make our way to a full release, and having our players be part of this journey is making it an absolute joy.”

As a further incentive to join the Early Access, My.Games has launched the ‘Renegade Rally’ campaign. Players that enlist during the rally will receive rewards and a chance at winning special prizes, which includes a lifetime supply of premium currency. The more people that enlist, the better the rewards and prizes become for the entire group, players might be renegades but standing together certainly has its perks. More information on the Renegade Rally can be found on the website, but anyone that joins the Renegade Rally will receive a free 7-day GRAIL+ premium account status in addition to any of the other rewards that are unlocked during the campaign.

Key Features:

  • Outfox and outgun rival Renegades and Disciples in a race to the top spot! Beat them all to the punch by locating Glyphs, unlocking the Treasury, and extracting valuable Artifacts.
  • Plunder the island’s supplies to switch up your playstyle on the go. Gather weapons and ammo, upgrade and combine gear, employ special abilities and tech, and wield mystical Artifacts.
  • Traverse a mysterious island filled with lush plains, jungles, and ancient ruins. X-Isle will continue to evolve—be part of the story as it unfolds in limited-time events and Seasons!
  • Players need to solve puzzles and dodge traps to steal treasure, extract them, and escape the island. Reclaimed riches can be used to upgrade gear and abilities, and players can extensively tweak their Renegade with customizable loadouts and abilities. Wield new weapons and equipment like katanas and grappling hooks to specialize in stealth, defense, or lightning fast looting.
  • HAWKED offers deep character customization. With a huge suite of apparel pieces, hairstyles and colors to visually customize their characters, players can mix-and-match Artifacts, gear, and boosters to create their ultimate treasure hunter and attune their gameplay to their preferred style.

Hawked is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam) in 2024.

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