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Vampire Dynasty

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Developer: Mehuman Games
Release Date: 2024

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'Vampire Dynasty' Is An Open-World Vampire Game Coming To PC In 2024 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 30, 2023 @ 12:31 a.m. PST

Embrace the darkness. Become one with the night. Feast on blood and start a dynasty. Rule as a merciful lord or a ruthless tyrant. Build a beautiful castle, fight and thrive in an open world - either alone or in co-op mode.

Embrace the darkness. Become one with the night. Feast on blood.
You are a vampire, although not by choice.

Yet that doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy the perks coming with it. Roam the open world of the fictitious medieval Balkan area of Sangavia, explore and uncover its long kept dark secrets and build an everlasting legacy either alone or with up to four players in co-operative multiplayer.

If you are a building aficionado, you will have something to sink your teeth in - design a magnificent castle and reign over the surrounding land. Become a feared or a loved ruler. Help your servants or utilize them as you please, while watching the village change based on your choices. But don’t forget: You can have it all, but the price is paid in blood.

The Dynasty series leaves the historical realms of humanity and enters the sinister world of mythology and vampires for the first time!

With branching dialogue and game altering choices you decide where Vampire Dynasty will take you. There are multiple endings to be experienced before you venture on and keep exploring the visually stunning world of Sangavia, made possible with the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Vampire Dynasty will rise into Steam Early Access in late 2024!

“We are excited to escort the Dynasty series on a dark and sinister path” says Michał Ciastoń, CEO of Mehuman Games and Lead Designer on Vampire Dynasty. “We embrace the challenge to deliver a gaming experience that both veteran Dynasty players as well as fans of dark fantasy and horror games can equally enjoy. We have always been fans of both the occult and sinister as well as sandbox games. We cannot wait to show you more of what we achieved by merging both of these worlds.”

Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions, adds: “When it comes to the Dynasty franchise, we are always exploring new concepts and settings. The incredibly talented team at Mehuman Games has put their heart, their soul and a lot of blood into Vampire Dynasty to raise the bar of what is possible with the signature genre-mixing formula. Yet they stay true to the roots of what encapsulates the beloved gaming experience expected by Dynasty fans around the world.”

Key Features:

  • The mountain ranges, forests, dungeons, swamps, and other areas of the huge game world are filled not only with dangerous enemies and villages to conquer, but offer plenty of secrets and huge rewards for all who are daring enough to tempt fate and explore. Experience the extensive story and the sinister world either solo or together with your friends in co-operative multiplayer.
  • You can build and customize beautiful medieval or gothic inspired castles multiple stories high, rivaling the homes of Count Dracula or Vlad the Impaler’s Poenari Castle.
  • You decide who lives, who dies and who will be your eternal follower. Leverage their strengths to ensure only the most skilled join your ranks and ensure the expanse of your vampire lineage.
  • Superhuman strength, heightened perception, enhanced speed and more. Enjoy the perks of being inhuman - see, hear, and taste the world unreachable to the mortals. You can even control a bat and traverse the vast landscape flying.
  • Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and vassals or become a benevolent ruler. Eternity is yours to shape. Depending on your choices, you can experience a wide variety of possible main story endings, before you continue exploring the open world.
  • Invite your friends to become creatures of the night! Unleash your creativity building your base together, explore dark and broody Sangavia, and prove your prowess as invincible fighters.

Vampire Dynasty is coming to PC (Steam).

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